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Directions to Hope Street Friends Hope Street Friends is located at 330 S. Hope Street Suite 3-010, Los Angeles, Ca, 90071(the Wells Fargo Atrium building) across the street from the Bank of America building in downtown Los Angeles. It is where all the restaurants are located (CPK, McDonalds etc.). Please pull into the Wells Fargo Parking garage and make a left, then pull immediately left into the spaces near the glass doors. Near or on space number 1083. Or you may valet park. After parking go through the glass doors and take the elevator up to the second floor. We are located across from the Taipan restaurant. Only 30 minute validations will be provided to all visitors.

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What Parents Are Saying

Our greatest advocates are also our closest friends.

Arlene Ramirez
Hi Arlene! Vivian misses you from the Meerkats room! You were such a wonderful teacher for her -- thank you from our family!
Eva was super sweet to my little boy Grant. He has an awesome time at this location. I always get detailed reports from her about his day and she makes sure to follow his routine for meals and naps. Muchos besos de Grant :)
I have nothing but high praise for Teacher Kathy. She encompasses all the qualities and assets that make a perfect teacher. I am glad that my child is under her care. She has become a positive role model for my child. Teacher Kathy always takes the time to update my child’s progressions and mile
My child developed a strong bond with Teacher Gabby. The transition of starting preschool would have been a nightmare without her. Her nurturing ways helped ease my child into schooling. I am ever so grateful and will always hold high respect for her teaching skills.
You bring a lot of joy into the classroom! You have a great spirit and way with the kids....and I LOVE all of your songs. You have a song for everything!
Thank you for all the time you spend with our kids and effort you put into making class fun. Giselle really enjoys having you as a teacher!
Thank you for always taking care of Giselle, especially when she's having a rough morning. You make leaving those teary eyes behind somewhat bearable!
Thank you Janet for always remaing a calm presence admidst all the chaos of a preschool classroom! Giselle can't wait to be a Giraffe! :)
It's always great to see your smiling face! Thank you for all your help and for always making Giselle feel welcome!
Thank you Lexie for working so hard at making HSF a great place for our kids to be. We appeciate all of your efforts!
Thank you Rowena for all of your help in making HSF a great school and for all of your crafty ideas!
Gabby, you've done a wonderful job teaching Verna and helping her adjust to life at school again after having been home with us for four months! Muchas gracias!
Karina Padilla
Hola Karina, thank you for giving Redmond such a warm welcome into the world of school. We look forward to many great milestones coming up under your tutelage: crawling, talking, walking, driving.... Well, maybe that last one will take a few more years ;) Muchas gracias para todos. Jeff
I would like to thank ALL the staff but especially Elizabthe. They are all so inviting and warm with me and my son Alijah at Hope Street. They have been nothing but professional and kind to me and my son who is mildly autisic. He loves going to Bright Horizon on his days off from school.
Dear Gabby, Thank you for making London's entrance into the Panda Room and Hope Street Friends such a wonderful experience for her. When I see her run into your arms in the morning for a big hug, I know she is in the right place. It is great to see her thriving and beaming with happiness every day.
Lindsay - Thank you so much for taking care of Aidrian when we are both busy. We are always at ease knowing we leave him in your hands where he gets the attention he needs. We absolutely love the daily report as it helps us knowing that he had a good day. Iris and Armond Angeles
Dear Nelly, thank you so much for all of the support and focused energy that you have provided to London in her first few months at Hope Street. You have a true gift for guiding with patience and kindness. I feel so grateful. Thank you!
Thanks for all you do for the school-age children at the Hope Street center. You do an amazing job with the kids who always have a a wonderful time when they are there.
Zainab, we really appreciate your warm, joyful manner every day! You are so caring and kind to the babies, and it means so much to us to be able to leave Sabrina with you and the other teachers. We know she is in the very best of hands. Thank you for the wonderful work that you do!
Karina, we really appreciate the love and care you give to Sabrina every day! She loves coming to the Wallabees room and being with you, and it means so much to us that you are there to take care of her. Thank you for your patience, care, and love. You really make a difference in our lives!
Shirley, we want to thank you for your wonderful smile every day! You bring happiness to the Wallabees room, and we are so lucky to be able to leave Sabrina there to grow and play with you and the other teachers. Thank you for the love and care you show to all the Wallabees babies. It makes such a difference in our lives!
Berenice, thank you for your wonderful smile, and for the love and care you give to the Wallabees babies every day. We are truly lucky to have you take care of Sabrina. It makes such a difference in our lives!
Biaina, thank you so much for the patience, love, and care you show to the Polar Bears children every day. We are so lucky to be able to leave Vivian with you. You genuinely love and respect our children, and that means so much! Thank you for always thinking of new ways to teach them about the world.
Dalila, thank you for the love and care you show for the Wallabees babies every day. We have really enjoyed having you as Sabrina's primary teacher, and are so glad you are back! You are a wonderful teacher, and it makes a huge difference in our lives!
Zainab- Thank you for the special care you give to our Cooper. His love for you is so evident that when I hand him to you in the mornings my anxiety dissolves. You have a gift with young children and a personality that makes make others around you smile. Thank you for what you do.
Hope Street Teachers
To all the teachers/staff at Hope Street, I can't thank you enough for all that you have done for my 2 sons, Sho & Rai. Although they are only there on occassion, I appreciate how you always make them feel "at home". They always have many great stories to share after visiting your facility.
Having you as Cooper's primary teacher has been an absolute joy. Your calmness, caring, and emotional intelligence are gifts that make you shine as a Wallabies teacher. HSF is lucky to have you and our family is the luckiest of all because we get to leave our son with you every day. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Dear Elizabeth: Thank you for your kindness and thoughtfulness during the times that Sarai has visited the Center and your class. She always enjoyed the activities at Bright Horizon and loves it when the opportunity arises for her to visit.
Dear Estela: Thank you so much for running a Center where Sarai loves to visit. It is great to have caring and responsible child care provides such as yourself and your staff.
She'll soon be in another classroom, and then -- gasp! -- kindergarten, but we will feel forever lucky to have had you with Saoirse for not just one, but two of her years at Hope Street Friends. You seemed to always take special care of her, and we'll never forget that. You're the best!!
Tara, you've only been with us for a couple of months, but it feels much longer! Saoirse has a lot of fun with you and thinks you're great, and so do I. You're always engaged and attentive to kids and parents alike. I'm so glad you joined the Polar Bears team and can't wait to work with you again in Giraffes!
Muchas gracias, Karina, for giving Redmond such a wonderful introduction to the world of school! Your insight and caring have meant more to Redmond and us than we could possibly measure.
Muchas gracias, Gabby, for your amazing teaching. Verna learns so much from you every day, and she seems so happy to be back at school.
Your warm personality, dedication & caring ways has made such an encouraging difference in Annalise. We appreciate you making her experience in the Polar Bears classroom a memorable one! You're an exceptional teacher & we are grateful for all you do!
From our initial meeting we knew Annalise would have a great experience in your classroom. Your enthusiasm & devotion to teaching is inspiring! As Annalise moves onto the next classroom, we want to take this opportunity to say "Thank You" for being an Admirable teacher!
All Hope Street Friends' Teachers!
As we mentioned at our last All Staff Meeting, "Different roads sometimes lead to the same castle", and I can't think of a better "castle" than ours here at Hope Street Friends! And it is YOUR smiles, YOUR energy, and YOUR commitment that make our special place what it is. THANK YOU!
All teachers & staff
Thank you so much for taking such good care of Devina & Rajan. Knowing that every morning when we drop them off we don't have to ever think TWICE if they are ok is an amazing gift for a parent. When we pick them up they are always happy which is such a treat after a day of work. thank you!
Thank you for filling Nola's days with fun and interesting activities, and for taking such good care of her, especially on days when she needs a little extra TLC. You and the rest of the Panda teachers really make learning fun.
Thanks for all the enthusiam and positive energy you bring to class each day, and for sharing your own special talents with all the kids - yoga, Italian, etc... The kids adore you and we really appreciate all the special things you do for them.
Thanks for making the Panda room such a warm and exciting place for both the kids and their parents. It's really wonderful to see how much Nola enjoys here time at school.
I know our daughter is in good hands. Your upbeat spirit and positive attitude enables our daughter to feel at ease in the classroom. Thank you for all that you do. Ellis loves mimicking you and pretends to be Teacher Loretta all the time. They do say, “Imitation is the highest form of flattery”
We wanted to thank you for being attentive and nurturing. Ellis adores you and is quick to show us the songs and dances you've taught. We are truly relieved that such a caring teacher has joined the Giraffe’s class.
Dear Teacher Annie, Thank you so much for taking care of Eli everyday and for helping Eli learn his letters, colors, songs, and even potty training! We really appreciate everything you do and all your wonderful patience and love that you show towards him. Thank You!!! Eli, Belinda & Ben
Teacher Edna, Thank you so much for taking care of Eli everyday and for all your love, patience and kindness. We really appreciate everything you do for him and we are very lucky to have you as his teacher! He loves you very much and your patience with him means the world to us. Thank You!! Elijah, Belinda & Ben
Teacher Danielle, Thank you so much for taking care of Elijah. Thank you especially for all of your patience, love and kindness towards him. He especially loves all the yoga that you teach him - and we do too! He loves you very much and we really appreciate everything you do! Thank You!! Elijah, Belinda and Ben
Teacher Monica, Thank you so much for taking care of Elijah every day and for all your patience, love and kindess towards him. Thank you especially for all the yummy food you prepare and for making sure Eli hears Spanish in the classroom! We really appreciate everything you do for him. Eli loves you very much and that means the world to us. Thank You!! Elijah, Belinda and Ben
Teacher Gabby, Thank you so much for taking care of Elijah and for being a wonderful teacher to all the kids. We especially appreciate that you make sure Eli hears Spanish! We really appreciate everything that you do and admire all of your patience and understanding . Eli loves you very much and that means the world to us. Thank You!! Eli, Belinda and Ben
Dear Ms. Claudia, You are a gem! Since day one you have been nothing but supportive, sincere and very sweet to Hailey and me. It’s obvious that Hailey loves being around you and well, that just simply warms my heart. Thanks Ms. Claudia. With Lots of Love, Kim and Hailey Mei
Dear Ms. Karina, Thank you for being so kind to Hailey and me. Hailey always gives you such a big smile whenever she sees you and I know she can’t wait to play with you. Thanks Ms. Karina. With Lots of Love, Kim and Hailey Mei
Dear Ms. Zulma, Thank you for being so kind to Hailey and me. I really do appreciate your tips and encouragement, and it makes me so happy that Hailey gets to be around such a kind and happy person. Thanks Ms. Zulma. With Lots of Love, Kim and Hailey Mei
Dear Ms. Zainab, Thank you for being so kind to Hailey, my mom and me. My mom and I both think the world of you and so happy that Hailey gets to be in your company. Congratulations again on your graduation, we’re very proud of all you have accomplished. Thanks Ms. Zainab. With Lots of Love, Kim and Hailey Mei