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(From Highway 85) Exit Union Avenue and turn right heading west towards hills. Continue on Union crossing over Carlton Avenue (signal) and Los Gatos Almaden Road (signal). You will pass a shopping center on right hand side that includes Chase Bank and Safeway Supermarket. Continue on Union until it deadends at Blossom Hill Road. Turn left at Blossom Hill Road and continue through Leigh Avenue (signal). Take second right onto Belgatos Road (large blue sign "Mulberry School"). we are the building adjacent to parking lot with the palm tree. Drive 2 blocks through neighborhood and we are located on left hand side in back of Mulberry School.

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What Parents Are Saying

Our greatest advocates are also our closest friends.

Miss Sharadin
Miss Sharadin - Colin loves being in Toddlers and we feel so comforted knowing he's in your care! We love seeing all the fun experiences he is having too! Thanks for all you do! :)
Miss Nancy
Thank you for looking after our little monkey! He is so happy in Toddlers and your care is so appreciated!! :)
Miss Dawn
Thank you for all that you do! Aideyn loves coming to school to see you! He gets to excited to show you if he has orange on, as he knows its your favorite!! It is so comforting knowing he is having so much fun and being well cared for under your care. We so appreciate you!
Miss Shanaz
Thank you for taking such great care of our little man! He has grown so much over the past year and we so appreicate all you are teaching him and the care you are providing!! :)
Miss Missy
Miss Missy!! Your friendly smile and welcome is such a pleasure! When Colin, Aideyn, and I walk in to drop off, you are always so welcoming! It is so appreciated knowing such wonderful teachers are caring for my children. Thanks for being you!! :)
Mary Ostrowski
Mary - Thank you. I feel heard & respected as a parent and it truly feels like a partnership in my children's development. The teachers have nothing but good things to say about how supported they feel. And I know that happy & empowered teachers develop happy & empowered kids. We appreciate you.
Rhiannon & Kihei
Thank you for making Emmy's transition to BHLG so easy. It is such an awesome feeling to know that Emmy is supported, challenged, respected, and loved. I love hearing the stories, reading the newsletter, and picking your brain on development. We'll miss you when she moves to the Toddler room.
Jolene - Thank you for your time, thoughtful feedback, and get ideas. I really appreciate the suggestions you made on books to help Caleb transition to the Twos program at a new center as your observations and tips around helping Caleb join play with other kids more effectively. This is invaluable as a parent and I appreciate it!
Ziola - Thank you for giving Caleb language exposure to Spanish. He is really interested in sounds, so languages and music are great interest to him. I hear him in his room singing Spanish songs (typically when he is supposed to be napping). ;) Thank you for making him feel so welcome, supported, and understood.
Thank you for being such great teachers and role models for Tyler. He loves going to daycare and I feel safe knowing he is in good hands with you both. I appreciate your constant support and help as Tyler is developing new skills. You are both truly amazing teacher! THANKS FOR EVERYTHING!!!
Miss Valerie, thank you for being so great with Callie! She has been so happy since she started and has learned so much. We are so thankful to have you as Callie's teacher!!!! - Michele and Matt
Thank you Miss Kat for being so wonderful to our Callie! She is so happy and her new school and is learning so much. Thank you for making her feel special daily and taking good care of her. -Michele and Matt
Thank you so much for the attention that you give Julian! We really appreciate the photos you took and shared with us of his very first roll onto his tummy. We also appreciate the small things you notice and share with us about Julian during the day when he is in your care.
Sandy and Missy
Thanks for your loving care of our silly little girl. We love how she smiles when we drop her off and is still smiling when we pick her up.
Jessica and Maddie
Thank you for taking such great care of our silly girl. She loves you both so much and that is wonderful to us! You guys are the best!
Kat - thank you so much for always having a smile on your face and being such a wonderful teacher and role model for Mikayla. She loves you and Valerie so much and talks constantly about you both, "Miss Kat's Matthew," and all her friends at school. Enjoy teacher appreciation week!
Valerie - thank you so much for being such a kind, warm and loving teacher. As I wrote in Kat's note, Mikayla loves you two so much and every night as we talk about what happened during the day, she always tells me random or funny things that she did with you guys at school. Happy teacher appreciate week, enjoy!
Happy teacher appreciation week, Miss Zoila! Thank you so much for allowing Addi to be your "chicle" and for helping her transition so well into your classroom last year. She has so much fun at school each day, and I know that is largely in part due to you and Jolene. :)
Jonele - happy teacher appreciation week. We are so lucky to have you and Zoila as Addi's teachers, and know that she continues to learn and grow so much each day thanks to you both. Cheers!
Addi loves you very much "Yay-uh," even though she has moved on to the big(ger) kids room. You will always be her first Bright Horizons love... :)
Kahea is fantastic! She genuinely cares so much about all the infants and as parents, we appreciate this bc it is so hard to leave your child with someone. Kahea always keeps us updated as to how our baby is doing, what she's exploring and the new things she's enjoying and learning.
A big thank you to Rhiannon and Maria for taking such good care of our little girl!Having her smile when she sees maria in the morning just warms a mothers heart and knowing that shes getting lots of snuggles and love from Rhiannon (and some good old TLC when needed) the rest of the day is great!
A big thank you to Jessica and Maddie for continually helping our dude learn to handle issues without crying or slamming his head into the floor! You both rock, thanks!!!
Ms. Eula
Thank you so much for loving Keyon and being such a great teacher and friend to him! It's always so nice to see your smiling face first thing in the morning :) All your hard work, dedication and time is so appreciated, and we are thankful to have you as a teacher!
Mr. Justin
Thank you for being such an awesome teacher, and friend to Keyon! Thank you for encouraging him, and for teaching him to be a gentleman ;) You're an incredible teacher and we feel so fortunate that we crossed paths and spend this year with you. You've encouraged his love of learning, and we thank you for that! You are SO appreciated by our family!!!
Mr Justin
Mr Justin, thank you for being such a phenomenal teacher. It is absolutely clear that you love the kids and spending your day helping them grow. Sienna will miss you dearly next year. Thank you again for all that you do, every day!
Ms Eula
Dear Ms Eula, Thank you for taking such good care of Sienna. She looks forward to going to school every day because she knows you'll be there. We really appreciate all the work and patience that you put into our kids and I know Sienna will miss you when she starts Kindergarten.
Dearest Ms Zoila, we are so fond of you! Kira loves going to class every day! Thanks for introducing her to Spanish, for helping her through the transition to sisterhood (she's such a sweet sister, and we know you guys did a great job to help with that) and just for helping her be so happy overall!
Dearest Ms Jolene! Thanks for being such a great presence in Kira's life. Besides everything else you do (we know how great you are with organizing the room and taking care of the kids), we particularly LOVE how you help us find out what they do through the WITW's, etc - it REALLY makes our days to read the stories and comments about Kira and her friends and to see the pictures! You are amazing and we're lucky Kira got to enjoy you throughout this year!