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When exiting I95 N at exit 41 Marsh Hill Road you will turn left at the light at the end of the exit ramp. You will drive over an overpass and turn left at the light onto Frotnage Road. It will appear that you are getting back onto I95, but stay to the right and make your first right hand turn into the parking lot. When exiting I95 S at exit 41 Marsh Hill Road, you will go straight through the traffic light at the end of the exit ramp. It will appear that you are getting back onto I95, but stay to the right and make your first right hand turn into the parking lot.
  • Orange Child Care Center Address: 230 West Campus Drive, Orange, CT 06477
  • Toll-Free Phone: 877-624-4532
  • Phone: 203-795-3564
  • Hours of Operation: M-F: 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
  • Ages Served: Infants, Toddlers, Preschool, Kindergarten Prep, School Age

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Bright Horizons at Yale West Campus July/August OPEN HOUSE

See What’s NEW at Bright Horizons at Yale West Campus  

Join Us:
Thursday, July 31, 2014 9am-12pm or 3pm-5pm
Thursday, August 21, 2014 9am-12pm or 3pm-5pm

You’re invited to explore Bright Horizons’ enhanced programs, plus learn more about our:
  • Quality, state-of-the-art early education
  • Experienced teachers
  • Enrichment Programs: Music class, Yoga, Cooking Club
  • Full-time, part-time care as well as drop-in and back up options
And so much more!
Call 203-795-3564 ext 0 to schedule your tour!
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What Parents Are Saying

Our greatest advocates are also our closest friends.

Christina Thank you so much for the work that you do with Tyler. He loves coming to school every day and we hear all about Christina on the car rides home. The growth that we have seen in the short time that he's been with you has been incredible. Thank you again, we are so fortunate to have you.
Simone, Thank you for all of your hard work with Katy. She has learned so much and it seems like every day she is excited about something new. She gets so happy and animated when she talks about what she did in school and it always begins with "Ms Simone says". Thank you again!
Words cannot express how grateful we are for all of the time and effort you have put in to help Cooper and the rest of his friends. You genuinely care and take an interest in each and every child, which makes a huge difference! Cooper has so much fun with you and we feel so lucky that he has you too
Thank you so much for taking such great care of Cooper! Each morning, he gets so excited to see you and play. We really appreciate all of the effort you have made with his transition and each time we leave him with you, any worries we have disappear because we know he is safe and cared for. You really make a difference and we so appreciate all that you do!
Julie and Laurie
You two are the best! I cannot put into words how lucky we are to have such wonderful people in Cooper's life. You each treat him like he is your own and genuinely care about him. I always know that he is safe in your care and trust that you are creating a positive environment for him to grow in!
Thank you, Laurie, for being an excellent parenting partner! You are erudite, thoughtful and poised, and we trust you. You treat the children with compassion and respect; as individuals. You're a brilliant early childhood educator, we love you, and it is an enormous pleasure interacting with you!
Wendy, you bring joy to our every day! Quick with a kind smile, and ready to burst into song, you're fantastic with positive reinforcement, always praising the children for their efforts. You're a wonderful role model for our daughter, and also for us. Thank you for building our daughter's self-help skills; you give her the independence she craves while simultaneously increasing family harmony. We look forward to seeing you every day. Thank you for being wonderful you!
We are so blessed to have you as a part of our extended family and caring for our Sofia. It is always a pleasure to talk with you about the latest issues and share ideas, and I'm sure this will continue with baby #2 on the way :). You have truly been an invaluable part of our lives!
We are so grateful to have you care for our Sofia as part of our extended family. It has been so nice to get to know you and learn from your ideas and advice, and can't wait to learn even more with baby #2. You have truly been an invaluable part of our lives!
Thank you Christina for helping us navigate Jonah's toddlerhood! You are a wonderful partner with whom to tackle everything from gentle touches to walking feet to using your words to peeing in the potty. We so appreciate your patience and creativity and feel lucky to have you as Jonah's teacher!
Sarah, you have such a special, gentle soul. You are so loving of all the babies in your room and I cannot thank you enough for sharing that love with Keegan. You are able to not only teach him skills to grow and thrive, but you teach Keith and I as well. We could not imagine Keegan without you!
As a teacher myself I value education and the relationship between teachers and their students. My daughter Nicolena, although only 2, speaks of her teacher Sharon with so much love. She has taught her so much and has helped me instill the value of education in my daughter!
Laurie and Wendy
You have such enthusiasm and patience.We don't know how you're able to keep it up! It's not easy to send your little ones to school but seeing what a joy our daughter has each morning makes it much easier.Thank you for being so loving, caring, giving, creative, reliable and such excellent educators.
Thank you for all your hard work. We appreciate your time, your patience, your ability to teach the love of learning, and your smile! We hear all about how busy his days are and are pleased that our son is learning so much. We truly appreciate it!
Thank you for your energy, kindness and dedication! They come home every day with terrific stories about their class activities, our boys are clearly making the transition to kindergarten thanks to your hard work.
Thank you for being my primary for the past year. I enjoyed all the cuddles, and your care. You are my favorite Ms. Jenn. - Ally Wu
Dear Alyssa, since both of our name starts with AL, that automatically makes us BFF. Thank you for letting me use your hair as a trampoline. Thank you for dealing with all of my 10min naps. No wonder we are BFF, not quite sure how Eve fits in this, but you are awesome! Thank you!-Ally
We are so grateful that you have cared for Evie for the past year. You have made us feel right at home and so comfortable about sending Evie to daycare. You are wonderful with all the babies, and Evie loves you so much! We love seeing her run to you for hugs whenever she sees you. Thank you!
Thank you for being Evie's teacher this past year. We love that she looks forward to seeing you every morning. You maintain such a fun and lively room, and you are a wonderful caregiver and teacher. We are always amazed by the skills that Evie learns from you. We appreciate you so much!
Thank you for paying attention to the details. Your notes home each afternoon capture moments that I would know nothing about if not for you. Hearing about how Tyler made a new friend, a silly comment he made, or something he learned makes me incredibly happy. Our family adores you!
Simone, thank you for the creative lesson plans that you come up with each day for Katy and her class. She is learning so much and enjoying the process of learning. Your daily emails are something that I look forward to. Thanks for all that you do!
Alyssa has made the transition to daycare so easy! Callie just loves her - gives her lots of smiles and cuddles. Knowing that Callie has someone who cares about her has made sending her to daycare much easier than I thought it would be!
Jenn has been a great help with Callie. I know that Callie really likes her and that she cares about Callie - it has made sending Callie to daycare that much easier!
Thank you for all your efforts and for taking such good care of our daughter. She always comes home and says or does something new that I know she learned from you. We also truly enjoy your notes on her daily report. It shows how much attention you give to her and how much care you have for her.
Bright Horizons staff
Thank you to the entire staff of Bright Horizons-Yale West campus for all you do everyday! It means so much to us that our most cherished and prized possessions feel safe, nurtured and cared for each day! They learn and have fun! Thank you for your dedication and hard work! The Walz Family
Dear Ms. Katie, We appreciate your dedication, passion and patience when it comes to Eric's education! We are grateful for your time going over Eric's behavioral chart everyday. We believe the chart really helps us to identify and address problems with his behavior. Thank you! Giovana/Cicero
Giovana (me)
Dear Julie, Thank you so much for greeting us with a wide smile upon arrival at the daycare everyday! We are grateful for your dedication and passion when it comes to our son's wellbeing and education. Giovana/Cicero
We really appreciate all the one-on-one time Jenn spends with Riker. We also know that he very much appreciates the long buggy rides that are great for squirrel and bird sighting. Thanks for all you do, Jenn!
Thank you, Megan for taking such good care of Brandon! He has so much fun reading teacher books with you, playing with trucks, singing songs, and using the flannel board! We are very happy that Brandon is so loved while he's at daycare. :)
Kristen has been such a bright light in the whole experience of Bright Horizons! She always has such a wonderful disposition in the mornings which makes dropping Keegan off so wonderful. She has a real love for the babies and it is quite evident. Thank you Kristen!
Hi Jen! Even though you are not Charlie's teacher anymore, I still love coming by to say hi, and seeing the picture of you feeding her a bottle on the bulletin board. I have so many good memories of you and Amanda, and Charlie's time in Infant 1. We were so lucky to have you! (And we still are.) Amy
Wendy & Laurie
Hi Wendy & Laurie! Charlie's transition to Toddler Two was tough for me since I was recuperating from surgery when it happened, and I couldn't be there at first. When I came back, I felt like she was so settled, but I didn't know you two at all. I had sort of missed all the introductions, and so I felt like a fish out of water for awhile, not knowing a lot of the teachers' names. I had also been so attached to the Infant teachers who had so gently helped me transition to Charlie being in daycare at all! BUT, I could not be happier with Charlie's experience in Toddler Two. I love knowing that she is somewhere every day where she is loved and nurtured. She has blossomed so much at BH, both developmentally and socially. You two are the primary reason for that right now! Thanks for everything you do for Charlie every day. Amy
Laurie & Wendy
We were so worried about Phoebe transitioning from the infant program to the toddler program, but Laurie and Wendy gave Phoebe the support and understanding that she needed to make an excellent transition. I am still amazed how easy Phoebe assimilated to her new room. Thanks Laurie and Wendy!
Sharon does an amazing job of working with our son Kieran. We feel so lucky to know that she is helping him learn and grow while he is at Bright Horizons.
We just love Kristen! She is so warm and caring and wonderful with our baby Jack! We always know that he’ll be loved when he’s with her and get plenty of extra cuddles during the day. He lights up when he sees her, and that tells us everything! Thank you for being an amazing part of Jackson's life!
We couldn’t be happier or more thankful to have Sarah as one of Jack’s teachers. She knows so much, and I love talking with her about books, toys and parenting philosophy. She is so warm and gentle with him – we know he gets so much love from her. Thank you for being such a wonderful part of his life!
Thanks Katie for always being positive, fun, and consistent! Your cheerful attitude sets a great atmosphere for our daughter to enjoy her time in pre-K! It makes all the difference for us to be comfortable that she is in a great place.
Thanks Julie for always being there to listen, answer any questions, and work with us to get the best possible experience for our daughter! You listen so well and truly care about whatever ideas or concerns we have had over the last 2 years. Thanks for your open, can-do attitude!
Not only are you Lux's first teacher but he is your first primary and you two will always have a special bond because of that! We love how well you take care of him and how concerned you are about his well-being as well as all his friends. Thank you for everything! We are so confident in his care!
I love coming to school to see you every day and love all your hugs and cuddles! Thank you for letting me play with all your toys and helping me make new friends! I love you Alyssa, you're the best! ~~ Lux Rebel
Thank you for all the extra cuddles for Lux and for making him feel like a part of the family! He always gets excited when we say "it's time for school" and you are a big part of that excitement. Thank you for everything!
From day one we knew Bright Horizons was the right place for Lux and that's mostly due to your presentation of the program, teachers and facility. Thank you for making school his home away from home! We appreciate everything you do!