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When exiting I95 N at exit 41 Marsh Hill Road you will turn left at the light at the end of the exit ramp. You will drive over an overpass and turn left at the light onto Frotnage Road. It will appear that you are getting back onto I95, but stay to the right and make your first right hand turn into the parking lot. When exiting I95 S at exit 41 Marsh Hill Road, you will go straight through the traffic light at the end of the exit ramp. It will appear that you are getting back onto I95, but stay to the right and make your first right hand turn into the parking lot.

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What Parents Are Saying

Our greatest advocates are also our closest friends.

Thank you Marilyn! You've been so amazing with my daughter Allie. It's so nice being able to see her so happy each afternoon which I pick her up. I cannot begin to thank you for the amazing care you give her.
I cannot begin to express my gratitude towards Christine. She has been amazing with my daughter and helping her transition to toddlers. It make such a difference knowing how well my daughter is cared for which I'm not able to be with her. Christine is amazing!
Eddie, Phoebe and I want to say thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to your class. Phoebe loves seeing you everyday and we appreciate all of your great work everyday!
Thank you so much for the great care that you give Phoebe and all of the preschool friends. You are truly amazingly patient and understanding and we always know that Phoebe is in good hands when we drop her off. Thank you!
Sarah's great
Juliana Martone really like Mrs Katie. Mrs Katie is always nice to Juliana and take good care of her.
Xaviar & Alisse
Thank you Ms. Xaviar and Ms. Alisse for being so warm and welcoming. Morgan has so much fun in your classroom. Thanks for all you do.
Laurie & Alissa
Thank you Ms. Laurie and Ms. Alissa for making the PreSchool classroom so exhilarating. We love all the creativity you put into the curriculum to make learning so much fun.
Xaviar and Alise
There is nothing It's been so relieving and reassuring to watch my daughter go from being anxious and upset when we drop off at day care to running into her classroom and jumping up to hug her teachers! Ms. Xaviar and Ms Alise have done an amazing job of making their classroom a fun and safe space!
We are so lucky to have you play an important role in Bennu's world. Thank you taking such good care of her ??
Words are not enough to express how much we appreciate you and the attention you provide to Bennu ??
Dear April, We know Ramona isn't in your classroom anymore, but you are obviously still a very important person in her life! She loves seeing you everyday and it has made her transition to Toddler 1 so much easier. Thank you for continuing to care for her and providing her with all the joy and comfort that you do. She is very lucky! Love, Ramona, Melissa, & Alex
Dear Melissa, It has been great getting to know you and Ramona has loved having you in the classroom. We wish you all the best with your new little one! Thank you for taking such great care of Ramona! Love, Ramona, Melissa, & Alex
Christine, Thank you so much for making Ramona's transition to Toddler 1 a smooth process. She loves it and loves being in class with you. You have made it easier for the parents as well, and we truly appreciate it. Thank you SO much! Love, Ramona, Melissa, & Alex
Naomi & all the Infant Room teachers take amazing care of Sean - from early mornings with Gina right through his days with Naomi & all the great time he spends with Andrea, April, & Sarah, we know that he is always in fantastic hands & are so grateful for all the love & learning he gets every day!
Thank you, Megan, for your love and care to our little Kristal. During her most difficult time transitioning from home to the center, you endless love, patience and support are the biggest gift to her and to our family. Thank you so much!
Thank you, Danielle and Laurie, for provide a loving and nurturing center which makes each day full of fun and adventure. Kristal is relatively new to the center. Thank you to you two and all the other wonderful teachers and staff for your care and support to help her with a smooth transition. Thank you so much!
Kristine and Melissa
Thank you, Kristine and Melissa, for being the primary teachers of toddler one and providing your care and love to every kid in the room. We really appreciate your patience, support and nurturing that you have given to Kristal and make us rest assured. Thank you so much!
We are so grateful for the bond our daughter has formed with her teachers. They are so patient, loving, and fun! We are so comfortable leaving her there because we know how wonderful her teachers are. She has excelled because of them. Thank you for all that you do!
Allie is so lucky to have Andrea as her primary! Andrea has provided such amazing care, kindness, and support for Allie over the past 7 months. Andrea has played such a large role in Allie's growth...both emotionally and physically. Allie has grown into such a happy little person. We couldn't ask for better care.
I had no idea how guilty I would feel the first day I dropped Allie off at daycare. I also had no idea how quickly this guilt would vanish thanks to seeing the amazing bond form between Allie and April. Each day Allie is so happy and excited to see April. I am too!
April & Andrea
Our son, Dashiell, is truly the luckiest boy in the world to have two such loving and fun teachers helping to guide him through the first part of his life. He is an active, inquisitive boy, and they fully embrace and celebrate his energy and curiosity. We are so grateful to them!
Thank you for your care and attention to Ben's needs. You seem to share a similar level of excitement with him that is greatly appreciated.
Miss Sam - Thank you for all the caring, guidance and patience you have demonstrated with Tyler when he was in your class. He has developed into such an articulate, thoughtful and kind boy and know he loved the time he spent with you. Thank you for all you do!!
Mr. Joey - thank you for all the patience, confidence and creativity you have inspired in Kaitlyn. She has really blossomed over the last year and you and Katy have truly prepared her for the transition to kindergarden. thank you!!
Miss Katy - thank you for all the guidance, confidence and creativity you have inspired in Kaitlyn. It is has been amazing to watch her blossom over the last year as she prepares for the transition to kindergarden. thank you!!
Within less than a month of his starting at Bright Horizons, Gina already knows our son so well, and it's clear he feels completely comfortable and happy with her. Knowing he's in good hands has made transitioning back to work so much easier for me, and I'm super grateful.
You have given me many informative and insightful suggestions whenever I shared my motherhood stories and concerns. Thank you so very much for being very supportive to me as well as for being such a loving and caring teacher for Dabin. My first year with Dabin would have not been this smooth without your help! THANK YOU!!=)
Thank you so very much for your loving and warmhearted care toward Dabin!! It has been so grateful and amazing to see how much Dabin's grown with brightness and happiness. Dabin is one lucky baby to have a teacher like you!! =)
Thank you for being so kind to my daughter! You provide her with a supportive environment that challenges her to learn in fun and exciting ways. She absolutely loves being with you and looks forward to the activities you have planned for the day! Thank you for making this such a great experience!
Mister Joey
You are an amazing teacher! My daughter is so excited about going to school. I know she loves it there and if she is happy, I am happy. Thanks again for all you do!
Miss Katie
You are an amazing teacher! My daughter is so excited about going to school. I know she loves it there and if she is happy, I am happy. Thanks again for all you do!
Thanks you for making the transition to daycare a seamless one for our little baby! It was difficult leaving her with a stranger, but Sarah made us feel comfortable from the first day. My daughter has thrived under her care, and I know that she has bonded with Sarah!