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Our School-Age Program

Guiding children to experience their world and pursue their interests

Our school-age programs include before- and after-school care, back-up care for school holidays and school closing days, and summer day camp. We provide school-age children with the opportunity to live, learn and socialize in a relaxed setting outside of school.

We offer a wealth of enrichment activities that engage the interests of school-age children. You may find school-age children creating a magazine or a video, playing chess or shooting hoops, tutoring each other or forming a club. Teachers are there alongside, facilitating, guiding and understanding that learning does not have to take on the tone and texture of a school day but rather be filled with fun.

What Parents are Saying

Our greatest advocates are also our closest friends.

"Words are not enough to express how grateful we are for the amazing care that our child gets at Bright Horizons. We are all lucky that you are there."

Our Curriculum Components

The building blocks to balanced education.

  • Language Works Tackling homework assignments, reading chapter books, engaging in long conversations with teachers and peers.
  • Math Counts Measuring weight, length, and volume, using math to solve problems.
  • Science Rocks Investigating forces of nature, developing hypotheses and conclusions, using computers, magazines, and books to explore the world.
  • ArtSmart Studying great artists, individual exploration of performance arts including dance, singing, musical instruments, and drama.
  • Our World Exploring diverse cultures, showing interest in finding solutions to issues of discrimination and injustice, becoming involved in service projects.
  • Well Aware Taking responsibility for a healthy lifestyle through regular exercise and healthy eating, participating in extracurricular activities including team sports and dance.

Learning at Home

Sorting Household Objects

You Will Need:

Items found around the house


Ask your child to help put away laundry. Ask your child to sort by light/dark clothes, white/colored socks, winter/ summer clothes, by family member. Ask your child to sort groceries: paper products, dairy products, meats, canned foods. Further challenge is to sort canned foods into fruits and vegetables. Get rid of the pile of shoes by the front door! Can your child match each pair then sort by color, by size, by purpose, i.e. athletic, work, dress up? How else can you sort shoes? After dinner, ask your child to sort the silverware before putting it away. Do you various sizes of spoons, forks and serving utnesils? Work with your child to reorganzie their art supplies. How can crayons and markers be sorted? By broken, whole, width, length, color, type?


Your child can decide how to sort and categorized things.


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