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Our Kindergarten Program

Comprehensive curriculum preparing children for school success

Our center develops expectations and practices in concert with our state curriculum standards so children make an easy transition into the local school system. At the same time, our curriculum builds off the child’s knowledge base and skills, learning style, and interests. There is a clear emphasis on the development of strong language, math, and science skills. Important “school skills” of listening carefully, following through on a sequence of tasks, and working cooperatively are reinforced.

What Parents are Saying

Our greatest advocates are also our closest friends.

"Dear Ms. Dale, we have loved getting to know you during your time with Dean. Your bright smile is so welcoming and always makes me feel at ease when I leave for work after dropping Dean off. He truly adores you and looks to you with such admiration. Thank you for all that you have done!!"

Our Curriculum Components

The building blocks to balanced education.

  • Language Works Connecting spoken words to written words, enjoying books independently, retelling stories, writing letters and numbers, indentifying some words on sight.
  • Math Counts Beginning to use standard measurements, beginning addition.
  • Science Rocks Exploring the world in more depth using tools such as magnifying glasses and microscopes, recording observations in science journals.
  • ArtSmart Studying great artists, engaging in collage and three-dimensional artwork, exploring dance, music, and dramatic arts
  • Our World Practicing empathy and compassion towards others, cultural exploration through children’s literature.
  • Well Aware Continuing focus on healthy activity and eating, taking responsibility for own health, beginning to study how our bodies are cared for.

Learning at Home

Leaf Collection

You Will Need:

A bag to collect leaves, Coffee filters, Heavy book, Journal or scrapbook, Marker, Double sided tape or glue. A tree identification book or internet site such as: http/ Or


Go on a walk and collect many different types of leaves. Press each leaf between 2 coffee filters and place in a heavy book (a phone book works well). You may want to add more books on top. Let them dry for a few days. When through, place in your leaf journal or scrapbook and label with the type of tree it came from. Research the variety by using the book or internet.


Younger preschoolers may just sort leaves into categories such as round or pointed, brown or red, etc.


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