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From the north, take 495 South to Exit 28 (toward Harvard) Turn left onto Rt 111 (Mass Ave) and the next left is Codman Hill Rd. We are the 1st building on the left (across from Shephard Veterinary). From the south, take 495 North to Exit 28. Merge onto Rt 111 toward Harvard. If you see a Welcome to Harvard sign, you have gone too far.

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Our greatest advocates are also our closest friends.

Teresa & Davida
Teresa, Davida: Thanks so much for taking care of Dylan! It was definitely an immune system-building winter, but he came through with flying colors, and was walking before he hit the 11 month mark! He's a handful and we're appreciative of all of your time with him. He'll miss you when he moves up!!
Kristin - Thank you for everything that you do for Rohan. He enjoys being in your company and I can see that every time I come in to drop him off and in between feedings. There have been many such instances where you have let us know in advance if you think something isn't right with Rohan. He loves giving you a nice hug and it makes me happy that he enjoys being there.
Mikhaila - Thank you for everything that you do for Rohan. He enjoys being in your company and I can see that every time I come in to drop him off and in between feedings. You always have been prompt in letting us know whenever there is something that doesn't seem right with Rohan.
Thank you, Ms Kristen B, for being a wonderful teacher. Its amazing to see the enthusiasm you display, even at the fag end of the day. Thank you for all the efforts you take to encourage the kids and motivate them.
Joanne, Chelsie & Tammy
Thank you to the preschool team for the amazing care & education you've given our son. You not only engage him in fun learning projects but teach him important life and social skills that he'll take with him through his life. You amaze us every day. We're lucky to have you as parenting partners.
Lissa, Thank you for all that you do for Seamus. I know you're time with him has decreased a little bit since you are with the older infants now, but we catch him smiling at you during afternoon pickup and it makes us happy knowing he's happy with his teachers!
Mikhaila, Thank you for all you do for Seamus. He's so happy and content when we pick him up each afternoon, we know he's had a good day with his teachers!
Kristin, Thank you so much for all you do for Seamus. He really enjoys his one on one time with you each morning. He greets you with a smile every morning and that tells us how happy he is to see you and how much he likes his teachers!
Miss Jess is an amazing K-Prep teacher. Jason learns SO MUCH in class and he has a wonderful time with his amazing teacher and classmates. Thank you, Jess, for teaching him so much in just the few months he's been in your class. We are all impressed and appreciative!
Eric's teachers in the toddler program have been WONDERFUL! Eric is a sensitive little guy, so it's been a slow transition into school life, but his great teachers have been a HUGE part of helping him learn & grow & have fun. I can't thank all his teachers, especially 'his Marie;' I'm so grateful!