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From the north, take 495 South to Exit 28 (toward Harvard) Turn left onto Rt 111 (Mass Ave) and the next left is Codman Hill Rd. We are the 1st building on the left (across from Shephard Veterinary). From the south, take 495 North to Exit 28. Merge onto Rt 111 toward Harvard. If you see a Welcome to Harvard sign, you have gone too far.

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What Parents Are Saying

Our greatest advocates are also our closest friends.

Thank you Heather for stepping in during Julie's leave. Your committment to this center having only been there a short time is commendable! I really appreciate all the hard work you have put in to the Boxborough center.
Julie is a fantastic Director. It is inspirational to see someone truly enjoy her job the way Julie does. Her genuine interest in the faculty, children and families is wonderful to experience. We miss you Julie!
Thank you for making learning so meaningful and enjoyable for Olivia. We know that she will be prepared for school - both academically and emotionally - next year because of you. We are lucky to have you as a teacher and partner in Olivia's education.
Carol, Sarah, Lisa, Andrea
Thank you for caring for and engaging Owen every day. It's amazing how well he is thriving and growing in the infant program. We also appreciate having a support system as I transitioned back to work from maternity leave and helping the whole family to adjust emotionally.
Julie & Heather
Thank you both for providing an outstanding place for our children to attend every day. This year especially we appreciate the open door policy as we transitioned Owen into the center. We know how much work goes into managing the program and you both do it with ease, grace and a smile on your faces.
Nancy and Joanne
Nancy and Joanne ate THE best!!! Our daughter loves both of them so much and looks forward to going to school everyday because of these wonderful ladies!
Nancy Larkin is the most engaging teacher I have met both with the children and with the parents. Whenever we come in, she is quick to chat with us AND my son, Will. It is readily apparent that she cares for each child. She knows what they like and what makes them happy. Will runs to class!
Joanne Warchol steps in when needed but does so in a manner that is not disruptive. This is a subtle talent and hard to describe. The children learn to do things and behave correctly through her efforts and yet, are not disturbed. This is a fine art that not many can master.
Sue S and Jess
Bob and I truly appreciate all that you have done to make Michael's transition to preschool a happy experience. He loves school and all of his new friends. We feel comforted to know he spends his days with such kind, competent and compassionate teachers! Thank you for all that you do!
Sue, Brianna, Amy
Jacquie has been in your care for 1 yr all ready! We developed such a bond with the staff, especially the Toddler 1 team, that we feel it has been much longer! It is easy to do when you are warm, caring, & attentive teachers. Thank you for everything! We will miss U as Jacquie transitions to PS.
Julie, thank you for making it so easy to be a busy working mom at your center. The communications, activities, & logistics are well thought out, organized, and beneficial. You're approachable and thoughtful - it is a joy to attend the center.
Over the years you became a member of our family! You helped both my kids to acquire new skills, grow social understanding and prepare well for school. I know that Katia’s day is filled with interesting activities, excitement and learning. Thank you for all your hard work, patience and love!
Nancy, Joanne, and other PS2 teachers
Thank you so much for the daily "what in the world" emails, the pictures and notes in the journal, and the great activities. Perrin has a lot of fun, is learning all kinds of things, and we are very comfortable with him in your care. Thank You!
Although only his teacher for a short period, Emily is an inspiration to our son every day. She patiently teaches him life and social skills that are so important in the toddler years. We are grateful to have a partner in Emily and Bright Horizons.
Amy, Lauren, Emily, Sara
Thank you to the entire toddler staff and your inspirational curriculum. We love reading the What in the World email every day and learning about the engaging projects that are building important learning and life skills in our son. You are all a true inspiration!
Sara is the best teacher Tanya ever had. She is very caring and sincere. Words cannot describe how good she is. Tanya was having a tough time adjusting in Toddler 1 for a couple of months. Everything changed the day she switched to Toddler 2 - all because of Sara.Now she enjoys her day in school.
Fancy Nancy, I love your sense of humor, energy and creativity...and all in the face of the shenanigans that we bring you. I especially love the fun activities we get to do with you - like searching for that tricky gingerbread boy who ran away. You make an adventure out every day!
Marissa is an excellent teacher. Although she is new but I can see her dedication towards her students. She makes a very good team with Sara. Tanya is very happy with her and I couldn't be happier.
Thank you for making preschool such a wonderful experience for Jason. He loves going to school; he's learning so much; and we feel so grateful that he has such a creative, dedicated teacher. Out of the blue the other day, Jason commented, "Miss Kristen is so nice." We agree. Thank you.
Kristen & Sue
Thank you Miss Kristen and Miss Sue! Evan is growing and learning so much and he absolutely loves going to "school". He looks forward to going every day. We are thrilled with the level of care and teaching provided by you both. We are amazed daily by the new things Evan learns and brings home.
Thank you Miss Marie for taking care of our Anna! We love the creative things you do with her and appreciate how much you care about her. We love reading your notes on her daily sheet. Anna is lucky to have you taking care of her:)
Ms Kristen
Thank you, Ms Kristen, for taking such good care of Ainsley. She is always excited to go to "Ms Kristen's classroom." She feels comfortable talking to you about all of her thoughts, concerns and big ideas. You speak so respectfully to all of the kids, and your patience is infinite. Thank you!
Nancy Joanne
Thank you Nancy and Joanne for being so loving, warm, creative, and imaginative with the kids. We appreciate all your hard work and sense of humor:)
Sara, Marissa, Tammy & Amy
Thank you to the toddler team for the wonderful care and education you've given our son. You not only engage him in fun learning projects but teach him important life and social skills that he'll take with him through his life. You amaze us every day. We're lucky to have you as a parenting partner.
Mikhaila, Kristin, Marie (along with Lissa, Abbie, Sam, & all the other teachers)
Thank you so much for taking such good care of our Gray Bear & all the other babies-we don't know how you do it! Gray has such fun every day & he's learned so much. We may be biased, but we're pretty sure he's becoming a baby genius because of all that you've taught him. :) Thank you so much.
Eric's teachers in the toddler program have been WONDERFUL! Eric is a sensitive little guy, so it's been a slow transition into school life, but his great teachers have been a HUGE part of helping him learn & grow & have fun. I can't thank all his teachers, especially 'his Marie;' I'm so grateful!
Miss Jess is an amazing K-Prep teacher. Jason learns SO MUCH in class and he has a wonderful time with his amazing teacher and classmates. Thank you, Jess, for teaching him so much in just the few months he's been in your class. We are all impressed and appreciative!
Kristin, Thank you so much for all you do for Seamus. He really enjoys his one on one time with you each morning. He greets you with a smile every morning and that tells us how happy he is to see you and how much he likes his teachers!
Mikhaila, Thank you for all you do for Seamus. He's so happy and content when we pick him up each afternoon, we know he's had a good day with his teachers!
Lissa, Thank you for all that you do for Seamus. I know you're time with him has decreased a little bit since you are with the older infants now, but we catch him smiling at you during afternoon pickup and it makes us happy knowing he's happy with his teachers!
Joanne, Chelsie & Tammy
Thank you to the preschool team for the amazing care & education you've given our son. You not only engage him in fun learning projects but teach him important life and social skills that he'll take with him through his life. You amaze us every day. We're lucky to have you as parenting partners.