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We are located in between the mall and the Hampton Inn on Speen St (south) in a brick building. It is the roundabout area on Speen St.You need to take a left onto Superior Drive (it is a one way & the sign is down). There is a large route 9 sign and the st is under the sign. Then take a left into the office building. located at the back of the building facing the Hampton Inn with our own door and there is a black fence by the walkway.

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  • What Natick Parents are Saying

    about Bright Horizons Child Care

    "Tracy is brilliant at as Director of the Center. Her door is always open, she smiles continuously, has the eyes of a hawk, and 4 teachers said to me in the last 3 months something like, "X happened and I talked to Tracy and she is awesome!" Happy teachers = happy kids, so good job and THANKS, Tracy!"

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  • Club Enrichments

    See what our Kindergarten Prep class has been up to!

    The Kindergarten Prep class at Bright Horizons Natick is always busy learning.  Our daily Club Enrichment Program offers the children new learning opportunities for their ever-growing minds.  We use our Club Enrichments to introduce the children to everyday experiences that will help mold their future.  Some clubs we offer at Bright Horizons Natick are:

    Science Club- The children are able to create a hypothesis, and then form conclusions based off of their observations on projects such as decomposing fruit, planting gardens, and creating density towers.  

    Arts Club- During this club time the children are able to choose artist, classical musicians, and dancers to learn about.  After, they create their own masterpieces, based on the artist they focused on that day!

    Other clubs categories offered at Bright Horizons Natick include: Technology, Math, Cooking, Garden, Language, Dance and Movement.  

    Please visit us at Bright Horizons Natick to learn more about our Kindergarten Prep Club Enrichment Program! 

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  • Parent Teacher Partnerships: The Keys to Successful Collaboration

    A Family Matters parenting webinar.

    Creating optimal parent teacher partnerships takes skill and know-how; you need to understand the goals, your responsibilities, and the line between advocating and over-involvement. Watch this webinar to hear from Bright Horizons education experts Ruth and Melanie about getting the best out of the relationships with your children’s teachers.

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  • 5 Reasons to Visit Us

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    #1: Passionate & caring teachers

    #2: Curriculum in action

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  • About the Curriculum

    Our unique approach to education.

    Bright Horizons’ The World at Their Fingertips

    Children learn in a variety of ways and at their own pace. Our carefully planned curriculum is designed to inspire your child at every age and stage. Built around extensive research, 21st-century technology, and developmentally appropriate instruction, our curriculum introduces concepts of math, science, language, culture, environment, art and health.


  • About our Teachers

    Helping children reach their potential

    Our Teachers

    Inspired by knowledgeable child development professionals who understand the balance between nurturing developing minds and caring for tender spirits, children grow from curious infants into explorative preschoolers. Our teachers are all experienced and highly trained, meeting rigid certification requirements. They keep up with the latest techniques in early childhood curriculum and continually develop new skills to guide children on a path to lifelong learning.

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  • Health & Safety

    Because parents need peace of mind

    Well Aware and Staying Healthy

    Our center environment offers children a healthy and safe place to develop and learn. Through our Well Aware program and our Staying Healthy procedures, we set high expectations for creating healthy environments and also foster positive attitudes within children towards healthy living, physical activity, and nutrition.

    We’re proud to provide programs parents can feel good about, and to be recognized as a model for other early education programs by the Partnership for a Healthier America and First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign.

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