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Our center is located in the back of the Rockaway Plaza (Retro Fitness, Ace Hardware & Dollar General). Rockaway Plaza in located on 46 West next to World Gym between Mannino Drive and Woodland Avenue.

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What Parents Are Saying

Our greatest advocates are also our closest friends.

Ms Mary and Ms Annemarie
I want to thank Ms. Mary and Ms. Mimi for all the hard work and dedication to the children in their group. It fills me with happiness when my daughter not only mentions them when she is not there but also says she misses them. I cant thank them enough for being so amazing and caring for my baby!
Jess is truly an amazing teacher who does wonderful things with her classroom and all the learning that is displayed with her children is truly amazing! She cherishes each child so much! When Harper was in her class she did not want to come home and I loved it! Bc I knew she enjoyed her days there!
Shannon is so wonderful to see in the mornings with her bright smile and her love for her children in her class! Her and Jess make one of the best teams I've ever seen together! They are full of ideas and always so excited to follow through with lesson plans! She is an amazing teacher who made my daughter happy everyday!!!!
We are so excited to see what's next in store for Harper and all the new things she will experience in toddlers! Since starting Harper is talking so much and Jennie is working very well with me through the whole binkie process-ugh! Lol. Jennie has great communication and wonderful lessons that teach the children so much! My daughter is already singing the whole ABC's!!
Miss Jess is a thoughtful caring person who makes my life a lot easier knowing that my daughter is safe and sound with her each school day. Thanks you
Miss Shannon is very easy going and I think this is a nice feature for the kids in the classroom. It makes me feel a sense of comfort knowing that she is with my daughter Lorelei each day.
Thank you for always going above and beyond the call of duty for our little guy. All your care and effort does not go unnoticed, and we are so thankful that William has "Miss Lynda" to look after him!
Miss Kayla
Thanks for another great year, Miss Kayla. We appreciate all your hard work, as always. Jason, Terry, and Dara
Darlene, Adrienne, Maria
It has been a long journey at Bright Horizons and as always we greatly appreciate all that you do to make it a great experience for Dara. She has grown so much since she started there in Miss CeCe's group! Thanks! Terry & Jason
Mr. Steven, Thanks for making Dara's day more fun!! Terry and Jason
Ms Tara & Ms Piedad
It is always clear that all the staff at Bright Horizons genuinely loves what they do! Olivia loves her class and has a blast with Ms Tara & Ms Piedad! Everyday we see her develop more and more and know what she is learning from her teachers and classmates has attributed to her growth! Thank you!
Ms Jess and Ms Shannon
Jess and Shannon- We can't tell you how much we appreciate your care of JB. It is clear that you are both wonderful teachers -we see on a daily basis how much JB has learned under your care. It is very hard to be working parents and you make it a little easier with your love and attention! THK YOU!
Ms. Mary and Ms. Mimi
Thank you so much for taking such good care of Tyler! He has learned so much in your classroom and enjoys every minute of it!! :)
Jess, A big thank you to all you do for Porsha. Its important to us that she is well cared for while in your care. Your loveing nature and special bond with her shows. You can tell she just loves being with you. We are glad to have you as her teacher. Thank you for all you do, big hugs, Heather
Shannon, Thank you for all you do. Its important to us that Porsha is well cared for while with you every day. You can tell she loves being with you. Im glad you are 1 of Porsha's teachers. Big hugs, Heather
Jess and Shannon
We cannot thank you both enough for taking such great care of Chase! Your kind and caring personalities are the reason that his transition to daycare went so smoothly. It is obvious that he really enjoys his time at school as he runs into your classroom each morning ready to learn and play. Thanks!
Jessica Toddle 3
I have observed Jessica in her role as lead teacher in the Infant 3 classroom. The words I would use to descibe Jessica are, loving, compassonate, caring. Jessica loves all her children equally. I have seen her cry when one of her children have transition up to the next class. JOB WELL DONE
Shannon Toddle 3
Shannon is an outstanding Toddle assistant teacher. She loves her children and what she does. Her kindness, compasson, and love show everyday with these children. I wish her only the best with her future with Bright Horizons of Rockway JOB WELL DONE
Thank you for allowing Henry to be his crazy self, and encouraging him to broaden his horizons. We miss you!
Thank you for all that you do to help Henry!
Hard to choose just 1 word for each of my child's teachers, but here goes: Ann : Amazing Sarah: Sweet Raji: Caring Lynda: Kind
Miss Jennie, thank you for being an amazing teacher to Christian. We always appreciate how excited you are for him to learn something new or reach a new milestone. You give us tremendous peace of mind that he's in capable, loving hands every single day and we can't thank you enough for that.
Jess and Shannon
Thank you for taking such great care of Carly. We can see how happy she is to be in your class, which makes us feel good about leaving her in your care. We've loved watching her development, especially her language, including signing! We look forward to her using her new skills as a Toddler!
Miss Raji & Miss Lynda
Thank you both for all you do!!!! Leila loves coming to school everyday and sharing all of her daily activities and special moments. I know when I leave everyday to head to work that I have left her in wonderful hands.
Miss Kayla
Kayla, I don't even know where to begin. The impression you have left in our son's heart speaks volumes of what you do. He has come so far in such a short amount of time and I know he will continue to excel thanks to the amazing passion you have for teaching. I can't thank you enough caring so much! Ariel tells us he loves you everyday, and I know why he does. I really can't thank you enough...really!!!!
Mr. Steven
From the first day you came into the Pre-K room my son was drawn to you. He trusts you, and that isn't always easy for him. I thank you for all you bring to the room and helping to get Ariel ready for his next steps. You are great and I know you will continue succeed in making a lasting impression on children's lives. Thank you so much!!