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From Merritt Pkwy S. take exit 34. At end of ramp make left turn on to Long Ridge Road. Stay in right lane for .6 miles. Oracle and Nestle will be on right side followed by GE. Make a right turn at 4th traffic light go up the hill pass office complex on left and go to building in the back. From Pkwy N exit 34 take a right on to Long Ridge Road at bottom of ramp. At 3 traffic light make the right turn.

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Nadia - thank you for all of your hard work over the past year - I know it has been a challenging playing two roles one as a Primary Teacher in the classroom at which you are fabulous and the second being the Assistant Director of this very busy program. You have learned so much and done so much for the children, for the families and for the teachers here at Long Ridge - Everyone has the utmost respect for you. Thank you for what you bring to the table every day - thank you for not giving up, thank you for being a trooper and for all you have done for me over the past year or so to help get things done
Alexia - thank you for all you do each and every day for the children - You have done so much over the past year with having your co-worker being out for long stretches of time. You have gone with the flow, kept the class going, made sure everything that needs to get done gets done - Thank you for hanging in there with us and not giving up - Thank you for being the person you are!
Carlos - THANK YOU for all you have put up with over the past several months with a rotation of co-workers etc. Thank you for not giving up, for being calm and shrugging things off - Thank you for all you do for the children and for us in Kindergarten Prep. I truly appreciate all that you bring to the table and what you do every day with the children. thank you!
Gillian THANK YOU for all you do for the children in your classroom - your creativeness is amazing ,the time you give and the work you do in your room with the children is awesome. You are engaged with them outdoors bringing parachutes, music and bubbles etc. You are an incredible teacher. Thank you
You bring so much to our program, you have potential to go far - thank you for all you do for us, much of it on your own time. You are supportive of your direct team, you are flexible, you do as much as possible to help everyone - Thank you!
Ana - thank you for all you have done in your new role as a primary in toddlers - you and Shatorra work so well together. You are always engaged with the children, speak to them encouragingly showing them that they can do it! You bring so much to the table, I am very proud of you and all that you have accomplished in the short time you have been with us. Thank you
Thank you Tina for all you do on a daily bases for our toddlers - You embraced the My Day app - teaching others how to use it, you have been supportive of new team members, showing them the ropes. You step it up when you see things need to happen, when you know you have time to get "work" done you use your time wisely, giving others a helping hand along the way - thank you for being a true team player
Johanna, thank you for your flexibility and all that you have brought to us in such a short amount of time. The children love you, the team loves working with you. You come in with a smile every day and a good morning for everyone! thank you!!
Claudia - thank you for the love and care you show the children. I love hearing you sing to them, speaking to them in Spanish, getting them outdoors as often as you can - Your smile and happiness is wonderful to see with "your" babies.
Thank you for all you do for the children in Nursery 2 - you love and care for them as much as they are your own
Thank you for making Olivia feel so welcome in Toddlers! I love how you can make her eat anything, even carrots :-) It's great to see all the new experiences Olivia gets to have now that she is in your class. Thanks for taking such good care of her!!
Thank you so much for taking such good care of Olivia as she transitioned to Toddlers. We love seeing how Olivia is thriving in her new environment and how you are giving her new experiences. Thanks also for the wonderful pictures in the new App! We really love seeing them come in throughout the day
Thank you Nadia! You were a great teacher to Bobby and I hope Jay is in your class too in a few months!
Thank you Shatora-- Jay was always very fond of you!
Thank you Alexia--- you are a phenomenal teacher and Jay has learned so much with you. I hope Meena is in your class too in a few months!
Thank you Tina and Katie for being such wonderful teachers to Meena. Tina--- you were a great teacher to Bobby and now Meena loves you too. She says you are her friend and is so happy when you braid her hair!
Thank you Alexia for getting to know Claire and teaching her Spanish! She amazes us every day with new words and songs in Spanish. The exposure to another language that we don't speak at home is so valuable. The curriculum that you have put together is so interesting and keeps the kids engaged in learning.
Gillian taught Claire how to write her name and encouraged Claire's interest in story-telling. Claire was so excited when she was able to write her name on her library card application and received her first library card! Thank you Gillian for giving Claire the confidence to write her letters!
Claire and Bri
Claire and Bri are the wonderful teachers to our son. To say that he loves them would be an understatement. His face lights up when he sees them every day and always has an adventure with them. We love how Claire and Bri care for him like he was one of their own. Thank you for the hard work!
Miss Gillian
Gillian - you've been in Tyler's life since he was born and he was lucky enough to have you as a Preschool teacher! Thank you for your constant love, affection and teaching him so many new things! We love you to the moon and back!
Miss Maribel
Miss Maribel - when a child constantly speaks about his teacher EVERY SINGLE DAY, that's when you know he's got the right teacher. Tyler constantly talks about things he's learned with you and fun activities that you do. Thank you for being apart of his growth! We love you!
Miss Alexia
Miss Alexia - It's always a pleasure in the morning to be greeted by you when I'm dropping off Tyler. You are pleasant, sociable, and warm. Thank you for all that you do for Tyler - you're such an amazing teacher and we both love you!