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Harrison Park is located just off of Interstate 40 at the Harrison Ave exit. We are close to the SAS campus as well as the intersections of Weston Blvd and Harrison Ave. Please call the center for specific directons from your location.

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Our Kindergarten Prep Program

Ensuring children are prepared to succeed in school and life.

Our Kindergarten Prep Program empowers 4-5-year-old children to take on new academic challenges and build confidence in this critical year prior to kindergarten.  Teachers provide multiple and diverse learning activities to ensure children thrive in all areas of development. Children’s journal writing provides a special place for them to document and collect their personal and group experiences, thoughts and feelings. Foundation skills such as friendship building and positive self image that will be crucial for success in school and in life are central to children’s daily learning. Learning at Home activities are sent home weekly to enhance the skills or concepts focused on at school. Experiences in core pre-academic areas including literacy, mathematical reasoning, and STEM education ensuring that children will be successful in kindergarten and beyond. 

Our teachers stimulates each child’s innate curiosity and exploratory nature to prepare children for lifelong learning and the skills needed to succeed in school and life.

The Kindergarten Prep program will operate similar to a "school year" to prepare them for the next step in their learning journey. Our program will have a celebration on the First Day of Kindergarten Prep and will end the year with Kindergarten Prep Graduation Celebration! The summer before school starts we offer an educational and exciting Summer Camp Program that is an extension to their school year and allows them to spend a little more time polishing their Kindergarten readiness skills! Also here at Bright Horizons at Harrison Park we offer various enrichments for our Kindergarten Prep program including Music with Uncle John , STEM lab, Movement Matters curriculum and Spanish classes with Ms. Gloria. 

Our Kindergarten Prep program also offers several opportunities for parent involvement as Bright Horizons places a high emphasis on parent partnerships with a various curriculum events such as Science Rocks Science Fair, Curriculum Night, and more where parents can really learn about our curriculum and intermingle with other families here at Harrison Park. 

What Parents are Saying

Our greatest advocates are also our closest friends.

"Thank you so much for providing a fun and safe environment for Kenny every day. I know he is a high energy, "independent" 2 year old, but you do such a great job with him that I always feel good about dropping him off in the morning because I know he will have a good day. Thank you so much!"

Our Curriculum Components

The building blocks to balanced education.

  • Language Works Listening, speaking, pre-reading and reading, pre-writing and writing 
  • Math Counts Classification, time and spatial relations, number order and number problems, geometry and measurement.
  • Science Rocks Investigates properties, living things and the environment, forces of nature, motion and gravity, scientific inquiry skills, technology.
  • ArtSmart Visual art, music, dance and creative movement, dramatic art
  • Well Aware Nutrition, health and safety, motor and fitness.
  • Our World Identity development, emotional intelligence, critical thinking about the world, care of the environment.

Teacher Spotlight

Just a few of our gold stars of the day.

Name: Joe - Bachelors of Science in Psychology

I Teach: Kindergarten Prep

Teaching Since: 2010

I love teaching children because: I like knowing that children can have something to look forward to each day regardless of outside circumstances.

Favorite Children's Book: A Mouse Called Wolf by Dick King-Smith

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Learning at Home

Marbleized Gift Wrap

You Will Need:

Paper (white, freezer, butcher, or white drawing), plastic wrap, several colors of tempera paint, newspapers or vinyl tablecloth to cover work surface, trash can, smock or old shirt to protect your clothes


Cover work surface. Have your child drip paint onto the paper, letting several colors touch. Place plastic wrap over the paint. Then have your child smooth the paper, creating designs with his or her fingers. Remove plastic wrap and allow paper to dry completely before you use as gift wrap.


Make the paint thin to prevent clumping or flaking. You may want to tape the paper to the table to keep it from moving when your child rubs the paint around. Have the trash can handy to toss the plastic wrap once you’re done.

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