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OUR CENTER IS LOCATED IN THE BACK OF THE ROCKAWAY PLAZA. Our (Retro Fitness, Ace Hardware & Dollar General). Rockaway Plaza in located on 46 West next to World Gym between Mannino Drive and Woodland Avenue. Please provide these directions to parents on EVERY CALL.
295 Route 46 West

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What Parents Are Saying

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Ms Mimi
I really appreciate you being Alex's teacher. Always going above and beyond to care for the children and make their day a fun and adventurous! When I have Alex under your care I truly feel she is in the best hands possible and that is a feeling all moms should feel when leaving their kids to go work
We love Miss Mimi because she has taught our daughter Juliana more than we could have. She has learned numbers, letters, songs, and manners. Anytime Juliana says something that I don't know how she knew, I say, where did you learn that? And she always says, Miss Mimi. Thank you!!!
Miss Suzanne
Hello Miss Suzanne, Thanks for taking time and working with Dev. I have seen Dev grow drastically after being transferred to your class.
Miss T
You are just not a awesome teacher but an awesome care giver in true sense! I am amazed at how you pay attention/address to all the little(and sometimes silly :)) things I ask . Thanks for being there and being involved in Dev.
Miss Mimi: Thank you for taking care of Christian Anthony and teaching him new things.
Jess & Lauren
Thank you very much Ms. Jess & Ms. Lauren for your love and patience for Anson. You guide him every single day in building the foundation of his knowlege and basic manners. He keeps coming home surprise us with his new learning skills. We hope you know how much we appreciate your hard work!
Ms. Sarah & Ms. Anne Marie
We want to thank you very much for taking such good care of Gemma. Your kindness and support these past couple weeks has made the transition into daycare go more smoothly for us. We really appreciate your dedication, love and attention you give her and we couldn’t ask for a more wonderful teacher.
Raji and Linda
Raji and Linda (and Mary) - thank you for all you do with the ps2 class. Brendan learns so much there every day, and we're so grateful that he's with you all. He loves learning his alphabet and writing, and it shows in his eagerness to go to school each day. Thank you for caring about the kids as much as you do!
Shannon and Nicole
Shannon and Nicole- thank you so much for all that you do in the toddler class. It's evident that you care about each child in your class, and the kids love being there with you. Kerri is learning so much!
Ms. T
Thank you for being an an awesome teacher and helping Mikayla to have fun while she's at school! We appreciate the daily reports of her ups and downs and your encouragement along the way! Thank you!!
Thank you for being an amazing teacher a truly supporting Mikayla's development through your commitment to learning. Daily we get an impressive look into all that she is learning and experiencing and we love that she's involved in so many different activities. Thank you!!
Jess, Lauren, Sarah, AnnMarie, Britt, Gilliam, T
Thank you for taking care of & loving our baby girl, teaching her new things & having her do all your very creative arts&crafts projects which we love. She loves to share with us what she's learned, whether is a new song, lesson of the day or painted hands & feet. She loves her friends & ALL OF U!
Miss Mimi, you are an outstanding educator. Every day we are beyond impressed with the creativity you bring into every activity in the classroom. Thank you for the love, care and patience you show Christian in helping him develop and grow into such a sweet little boy.
Thanks You Miss. Mimi for taking care of Guchu everyday. When I am away, I am still confident that Guchu is in good hands. Guchu likes you very much. Both me and my husband appreciate your hard-work and dedication. Mani