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Welcome to the Albright Early Learning Center

Where we learn to play and play to learn!

Welcome to Bright Horizons. At the Albright Early Learning Center,we recognize how important beginnings are in each child's development, and to each family. We provide a safe, nurturing and engaging environment where your child can learn and develop to their full potential. Explore our website to learn more!

What Parents are Saying

Our greatest advocates are also our closest friends.

"Thank you so much for all that you do for the children, families and staff. Bright Horizons has been a second home for our three daughters, and our family, for nearly 10 years now! The teachers have contributed tremendously to our daughters' growth and development, and the feeling of leaving your children with people they adore is incredibly comforting."

Our Center Programs & Services

Here are a few of our best features.

Full-time early education and preschool

Featured Parent Webinar

Quality Early Education: Choosing What's Best for Your Child

We talk to education experts from the National Association for the Education for Young Children (NAEYC) to get insider tips on what to look for in a quality early childhood education program. You’ll hear how NAEYC sets standards and how to select the option best suited to your child’s unique needs.

Bright Horizons Parent Community

Helping dad when mom goes back to workThe Bright Horizons Parent Community is a great place for parents and educators to share ideas, get perspectives and ask questions. Looking for info on potty training your toddler or how to get your preschooler started with chores? This is the place for you.

Bright Spaces Help Children in Crisis

Bright Horizons Foundation for ChildrenBright Spaces - special places for children in homeless and domestic violence shelters and other agencies - help children experiencing trauma. Bright Horizons teachers and employees help create Bright Spaces, support them through volunteering, and make a difference across hundreds of communities and serve thousands of children each year. To learn more, including how you could be involved, visit Making Connections Through Bright Spaces, a digital magazine celebrating the impact our programs make in people's lives.


Nutritious snacks, breakfast and lunch provided daily

Get involved in our Enrichment Activities

Because knowledge is more than just the ABC's.

At the Albright Early Learning Center we are excited to implement enrichment activities for all of our students. In addition to the engaging curriculum offered in all of our classrooms, we enrich the daily lessons each week . To name a few of our enrichments, we use Everyday Mathematics Curriculum, Handwriting Without Tears Curriculum, PATHS Social Emotional Curriculum, a Movement Matters Zone, and our Art Smart studios.

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