Bright Horizons
Child Care Center at
Comcast NBCUniversal


Top Questions

Where is the center located?

The center is located on the lot.  The address is 100 Universal City Plaza – Building 6124.

What are the center’s hours of operation?

The center operates Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

What is the center’s holiday schedule?

The center follows Comcast NBCUniversal’s corporate holiday schedule.

How can I find out if I’m eligible to enroll my child in the center?

Please contact the child care center at (818) 777-9130 to verify your eligibility.

What ages does the center serve?

The center serves children from six weeks old through five years old.

Can I apply if I am expecting or planning to adopt?

Yes, once your eligibility has been verified, you may submit a pre-enrollment registration form and put your due date or expected adoption date as your requested start date.

Can children with special needs enroll at the center?

Yes, Bright Horizons’ programs are inclusive and serve children with special needs while incorporating a team approach that includes the child, the family, the teachers and any specialists involved to create an individualized plan that meets each child’s needs.

Is part-time care available at the center?

No, only full time care is available.

How many children can enroll and what is the child-to-teacher ratio?

The capacity of the center is 216 and the teacher-to-child ratios are:

Infants – 1:3

Toddlers – 1:4

Twos – 1:6

Preschool - 1:10

Can I take a tour of the center prior to registration and or enrollment?

Yes, tours of the center are available once employee eligibility has been verified.

Is there a wait pool at the center?

Space availability fluctuates in all age groups.  To learn more about current space availability, please contact the center.

What is the enrollment process?

If you are interested in enrolling at the center, you first need to verify your eligibility.  Then, you may submit a pre-enrollment registration form to the center along with a $75.00 registration fee, made payable to Bright Horizons.  After submitting your application, you will be contacted and either offered an enrollment space, if available, or placed in the wait pool.

I’m currently enrolled at another Bright Horizons Center. Does that give me priority to enroll at this center?

No.  All registrations submitted are based on registration date and birth date.

Do siblings of currently enrolled children receive priority?

Yes we want to support families in keeping their children together in the same center.

How long do I have to decide about an enrollment offer?

Once offers are made, families will have two business days to accept or decline the space for their child. If a family declines an offer, Bright Horizons will continue to offer enrollment to families in the wait pool based on the order selected until available spaces are filled.

If my family is in the wait pool, how soon will I know about enrollment timing?

The length of time will vary depending on the size of the wait pool and the ages of the children. Bright Horizons will inform you periodically of your wait pool status and do everything they can to ensure that you’re offered a space if one becomes available.

Can I use Bright Horizons’ backup care program at the center?

The on-site center does not provide back-up care, but Comcast NBCUniversal families locatedin LA have access to Bright Horizons Back-Up Care for temporary care needs.  The program includes both center-based and in-home care, and can be used while a family is waiting to enroll in the center, or if a child is enrolled and is unable to attend because of a mild illness.  Additional information is available at or by calling 877-BH-CARES (877-242-2737).

What are the tuition rates for the center?

Tuition rates vary by age and are based on Household Adjusted Gross Income and a sliding scale. Please contact the center at (818) 777-9130 for further details.

What other Fees are required?

At the time of registration, a $75.00 registration fee is due.  At the time that an enrollment offer is accepted, a $500.00 tuition deposit is required and it will be applied towards the balance for your first month of care.

Is there a sibling discount available?

There is a 10% discount on your oldest child’s tuition if you have more than one child enrolled.

Is there a vacation credit available?

Vacation credit is not available.

When is monthly tuition due?

Monthly tuition is due on the 25th of the month, in advance for the next month of care.

Are payroll deductions available for monthly tuition?

Parents may sign up for tuition payments through payroll deduction or ACH (an automatic withdrawal from a bank account of your choosing).

Are scholarships available?

Scholarships are not available, because the program is highly subsidized by Comcast NBCUniversal. In addition, tuition is tiered based on your annual household income.

Are meals included in the cost of tuition?

Lunch and snacks are provided.

Can I stop by and visit my child during the day?

The center’s open-door policy welcomes and encourages you to visit the center at any time.

What are the qualities and qualifications of the teaching and care staff?

Bright Horizons requires their diverse staff to have college-level coursework in the field of Child Development or Early Childhood Education and are trained in first aid and CPR.  Additionally, teachers are trained to implement developmentally appropriate curriculum in both the indoor and outdoor classrooms.

What are the security features of the center?

The center has a full-time security guard during the regular hours of operation.  Additionally, employee/staff badges and parent pin codes are required to gain access to the child care center.

What is the immunization policy at the center?

All families must adhere to the immunization schedule required by the State of California.  A full list of immunizations is available here.

Who manages the center?

Bright Horizons manages the day to day operation of the child care center, including the educational programs offered and the staff on site.  Bright Horizons was selected based on their experience and reputation as a leader in employer-sponsored child development centers.

Where can I learn more about Bright Horizons?

Please visit to learn more information about Bright Horizons.

What resources does Bright Horizons provide to families?

Bright Horizons provides families with a wide array of resources for all stages of life and work including Family Matters webinars and podcasts, E-family news and learning at home activities.  To learn more and see all available resources, please visit

Who should I contact if I have questions?

Please contact Kimberly Rinder, the Center Director. Kim can be reached via phone at (818) 777-9126 or via email at