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What is School's Out?

Our School's Out program offers fun, educational programming specifically designed for maturing school-age children during school vacations (winter, spring, and summer) and cancellations. Your child will enjoy crafts, games, sports, media and much more in a healthy, safe and engaging environment with experienced and enthusiastic staff.
Whenever school is out, our School's Out program is there to encourage a child's drive to learn through the new challenges and opportunities that celebrate their expanding world.

How convenient are you from the Route 2?

We are less then 5 miles from Route 2 East or West. Directions on homepage of website.

Will my child be prepared for kindergarten?

Yes! Each Bright Horizons center uses The World at Their Fingertips: Education for Bright Horizons, our specially-designed Curriculum that creates developmentally, culturally, and individually Appropriate learning environments in which your child can learn and prepare for academic success. The World at Their Fingertips is designed to teach children to think for themselves, solve problems, communicate, work with others and gain an increasing understanding of how the world works. Recent studies have shown that children who have attended Bright Horizons centers are extremely well-prepared for school.


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