Our Curriculum


Classrooms that Inspire Learning

“Early childhood classrooms are special places; within them discoveries abound, imaginations soar, and anything is possible.”


Rachel Robertson - VP, Learning & Development at Bright Horizons

Sprouts Lending Library
Sprouts Earth Day 1
Sprouts Planting Outside

Our space is designed to introduce a sustainable lifestyle to children right from the beginning. We have incorporated green features throughout and have many opportunities for children to touch and interact with natural elements. Our bright, light-filled classrooms and hands-on enrichment spaces use eco-friendly materials, including non-toxic and zero VOC paints and FLOR carpet with recycled content and an odorless adhesive. We recycle 90% of our output and strive to reuse as many materials as possible by finding alternative purposes for them. With our families’ support, many recycled items find new life in our art projects! Our timber loft aesthetic, salvaged glass panels, flower petal benches, and plants in our classrooms and common areas all contribute our warm, welcoming environment.

Sprouts Earth Day 2

Our Advanced 3 to 5 Year Old Curriculum

In our Sunflowers and Redwoods classrooms, we embrace children’s natural curiosity about the world around them and fully support their explorations.  Our curriculum has its roots in the emergent curriculum in which students and teachers work together to design mutually-directed activities.  We believe that young children learn best when they are encouraged to ask critical questions, then given the opportunity to explore their inquiries through meaningful, hands-on experiences.  Our curriculum meets and exceeds Illinois Early Learning Standards and incorporates Literacy, Math, Science, and Art into each day.

Sprouts Art Studio

Our Advanced 24 to 36 Month Curriculum

In our Bean Sprouts and Rockstars classrooms, children actively explore in a creative and playful way.  Our emergent curriculum stems from their natural wonder and curiosity.  Teachers observe the interests of the children, whether it be block building or painting, journal-writing or soccer, then use what they observe to elaborate on the children’s experiences.  Expanding on learning interests may come in the form of related books or inviting children to try a focused, more structured art activity that relates to the children’s interests.   We believe that children learn best through hands-on play and exploration in a socially-rich school environment.


The Teacher's Role

Our teachers are all experienced and dedicated professionals who meet rigid certification requirements. By focusing on children’s unique interests, these talented educators work alongside children to support today’s big milestones and tomorrow’s success.