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Serenia Banks

M-F: 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.
Enrollment Info: 877-624-4532
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Our Educational Programs

Infant boy crawling and smiling


An exceptional place for your baby to thrive and grow

Toddler girl in a pink coat and two pigtails looking up and smiling


An engaging world where toddlers learn and explore

Preschool girl with short, brown, curly hair sitting at a table and smiling


Where curious children become inspired and ready for school

Preschool girl holding a big beach ball outside

Summer Camp

A welcoming place for age-appropriate fun, friendships, and exploration


Meet Our Teaching Team

Denise S.

Toddler Classroom

I love teaching because: I want to make a difference in their lives. It is so great when I teach them a song and they begin to say the words or do the motions.

Teaching since: 1991

Bobbi R.

Preschool Classroom

I love teaching because: I love creativity. I enjoy watching children learn, question and create.

Teaching since: 1970

Zareen R.

Infant Classroom

I love teaching because: because I touch so many children lives with love and knowledge. It is a great feeling to see them learn and grow.

Teaching since: 1993

Susan N.

Toddler Classroom

I love teaching because: I love and cherish the early discovering that we we help to bring out in the children. I love to see their smiles and curiosity for the little things.

Teaching since: 2007

Mary M.

Toddler Classroom

I love teaching because: I love watching young children develop and grow into individuals.

Teaching since: 2006

Aimee L.

Preschool Classroom

I love teaching because: I love watching their creativity and honest minds grow while also helping me grow.

Teaching since: 2008

Linida B.

Enrichment Staff

I love teaching because: children have an openness to learn and they are so spontaneous.

Teaching since: 1990

Talia W.

Toddler Classroom

I love teaching because: it inspires me to be my best self.

Teaching since: 2000

Irene B.

Enrichment Staff

I love teaching because: children have such an inquisitive nature and I love to see what they are able to find out.

Teaching since: 2007

Julie H.

Preschool Classroom

I love teaching because: of the many resources provided to faculty which allow teachers to maintain high quality early childhood programs.

Teaching since: 2005

Kariann O.

Preschool Classroom

I love teaching because: they are energetic and enthusiastic. I love watching them learn and grow.

Teaching since: 2015

Latreavette M.

Infant Classroom

I love teaching because: their minds are constantly absorbing information. My goal is to give as much information in every aspect of life so they can one day can reciprocate the same knowledge to others.

Teaching since: 2014

Laura S.

Infant Classroom

I love teaching because: every day is different. For infants, their first year is one of constant learning and developmental growth. Being a part of that is thrilling!

Teaching since: 1990

Amber P.

Twos Classroom

I love teaching because: I love the joy and excitement on my students' faces when they learn something new.

Teaching since: 2010

Tierra W.

Infant Classroom

I love teaching because: there is an excitement, joy and suspense in the journey.

Teaching since: 2014

Natalia K.

Toddler Classroom

I love teaching because: I like to see the world from all the different perspectives of my students.

Teaching since: 2010

Jennifer K.

Infant Classroom

I love teaching because: nothing makes my day better than seeing smiling faces.

Teaching since: 2017

Michele R.

Toddler Classroom

I love teaching because: "every day is different. The children remind me to look at the world with ""fresh"" eyes."

Teaching since: 1989


The World at Their Fingertips

Our own World at Their Fingertips® curriculum is based on the research of the most renowned education experts. Designed by our education team, it’s created to support these important early years, to inspire children to be bold explorers today and joyful, confident learners for life.

Language Works Book Icon
Language Works

Literacy, language, and love of books cultivated through listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Science Works Lab Icon
Science Works

Spurring a sense of wonder through observations and experiments in which we ask questions and form, record, and describe conclusions.

Art Smart Easel Icon
Art Smart

Fostering an interest and appreciation of art, music, theater and dance, while encouraging individual talents and artistic expression.

Math Counts Numbers Icon
Math Counts

Early math concepts experienced through counting, sorting, patterning, one-on-one correspondence, and problem solving.

Well Aware Healthy Icon
Well Aware

Healthy living developed through physical activity, good nutrition, and healthful habits incorporated into every day routines.

Towards a Better World Tree Icon
Towards a Better World

Experiences and activities designed to help children learn to respect our world, its diverse people, and the environment we live in.

Caring Matters Hearts Icon
Caring Matters

Support for important social skills including compromise, self-regulation, negotiating with peers, and forming positive relationships.

“We are so appreciative for our infant room teachers. They take such great care of Max and show him love on a daily basis. We know he is well taken care of and feel so great when we see him smile every morning at his teachers. Thank you for all you do!”


The Dalman Family

“Thank you to the Toddler Room teachers for all that you do with our children. Every day seems to be filled with something new and exciting for them to learn and explore! The amount that our daughter has learned from you in a few months is tremendous and we are so grateful. Thank you!”



“As Finn prepares go off to Kindergarten, we wanted say thank you for being the best partners we could have asked for in raising and educating him. He's been at this center since he was 12 weeks old, and has experienced nothing but love and kindness from everyone. We will miss you all! xo”


Sue & Jeff Burke

“We'd like to thank all of Teddy's teachers for all that you do. We really appreciate all of your expertise, care and kindness. He is clearly learning how to be responsible, to express himself, and to be nice to others. He's a nice boy and it's because he has such nice teachers. Thank you!”


Aimee & Joe

“We can't thank all the wonderful teachers and staff enough for the care and knowledge they have provided our daughters over the past 6 years. They have made such an impact on their (and our) lives. My girls love it there. We are lucky to have found a great environment with such caring people!”


Bright Horizons Family


Upcoming Events for Families

healthy meals

Healthy Food for Growing Children

Healthy food is part of children’s development. Our menus align with our wellness commitment to Partnership for Healthier America. By eating family-style and serving themselves, children learn about making healthy choices and the connection between food and community.

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