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What is The World At Their Fingertips?

Bright Horizons curriculum, The World at Their Fingertips, is our unique curriculum designed to engage children in active learning that prepares them for school while helping them achieve their individual potential and fostering a spirit of community. It includes curriculum elements such as Language Works, Math Counts, Science Rocks, ArtSmart, Our World and Well Aware that cross all age groups. For more on information on our curriculum, click here.

Is the center open to the community?

Community enrollment is currently not available at this location. The Child Care Center at Citibank is a private early education and preschool center available for Citibank employees. To learn more about other Bright Horizons locations, visit

What is a CDA?

A CDA or Child Development Associate Credential is a one year certificate that is targeted training for child care teachers. A Child Development Associate (CDA) is an individual who has successfully completed the CDA assessment process and has been awarded the Nationally recognized CDA Credential. CDAs are able to meet the specific needs of children and work with parents and other adults to nurture children's physical, social, emotional, and intellectual growth in a child development framework.

Is part-time care available?

Yes, part time care allows for up to 31 hours of care per week.  Please contact the center at 210-677-1543 to check for availability of your desired schedule.

How can I obtain information about tuition?

Tuition varies by center, schedule and by individual classroom. To find out more information about tuition, please contact the center directly.

What is NAEYC accreditation?

The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) has developed standards to define and recognize quality child care programs. In order to be accredited, a child care program must meet a variety of strict criteria, including having a well-trained faculty, good staff-child ratios and group sizes, and a comprehensive curriculum, as well as meet stringent health and safety standards. The program must also provide meaningful opportunities for family involvement.

Where can I learn more about other Bright Horizons locations?

To find other locations, please visit

What is CCS?

CCS is a government funded program that helps family with the cost of child care. For more information about CCS, click the link on our homepage.

I'm not quite ready to enroll in the center but I am interested in continuing to hear about what is happening at the center. How can I get information more regularly?

We encourage any family interested in center information, regular updates and invitations to the many events we are planning, to contact us.

Do you have a waiting list?

There are times there may be a wait period. Please call 210-677-1543 for up-to-date information about enrollment availability.

Can I visit my child at the center anytime I’d like to?

Yes, Bright Horizons has an open door policy.  You are encouraged to visit your child anytime.

Are all staff trained in CPR and First Aid?

All Bright Horizons staff are trained regularly in CPR, even if not required by the state. First Aid is taught as required by state licensing agency/regulations so that you can feel confident that your child is safe and receiving the best care possible at our center.

What is the relationship between Bright Horizons and The Partnership for a Healthier America?

For more information about this relationship, click here.

What is Bright Horizons' process on checking the background of their employees?

Bright Horizons conducts a comprehensive background check on all prospective employees and frequent visitors. The background check consists of a county criminal record check for the past seven years performed in all counties that a person has lived, worked or attended school. In addition to the county criminal search , a sex offender search, OFAC search and a social security verification trace are also conducted. For all location employees, program licensing background checks required by the state are also performed.

Are meals provided at the center?

Our meals are nutritionally balanced and include breakfast, morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack.

Do you offer drop-in care?

We offer back-up care for Infants-Preschool. Each child is allowed to attend for up to 20 days per year at the rate of $30 per day for a single child or $50.00 per day for a family. To become enrolled in this program, there is no required registration fee.  However, all required forms must be completed prior to the first day of attendance. Once forms are in place, you may reserve by calling 677-1543 at least 24 hours in advance for a reservation. Reservations are granted whenever enrollment availability will allow.

What is DCSA?

DCSA or Dependent Care Spending Account is a benefit offered to Citibank employees. Those interested or seeking information should contact their Human Resources.


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