CHALK Preschool Curriculum

Math wall and alphabet carpet in a preschool

Our Curriculum

Provide an environment where children thrive…

Creativity abounds and
Hands-on early childhood learning experiences incorporate
Laughter and
Knowledge, in a safe and inspirational preschool setting.

My Gym space at CHALK Preschool

My Gym

CHALK Preschools integrates the acclaimed My Gym child fitness curriculum into the classrooms. In addition to physical fitness, the My Gym/CHALK program also features a rounded wellness curriculum that includes nutrition and hygiene for youngsters along with the development of healthful lifestyle habits. My Gym, as the fitness professionals, has formally trained the CHALK directors and key staff to implement the curriculum to the highest of standards.


The Teacher's Role

Our teachers are all experienced and dedicated professionals who meet rigid certification requirements. By focusing on children’s unique interests, these talented educators work alongside children to support today’s big milestones and tomorrow’s success.

Bright Horizons students sitting at the sandbox

Preparing Children for School

Research shows that today, more than ever, children need a mix of diverse skills. At Bright Horizons, we ensure children gain the social-emotional, critical-thinking, and academic competencies to thrive. Read what parents and teachers have to say about our graduates’ success.