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Coming from the North take 75/85 South to Exit 252 Northside Dr. Turn right onto Northside Drive and left onto 10th Street. Turn left onto Tumlin Street and the center will be on your right. 1015 Tumlin Street, Atlanta, Georgia 30318 Coming from the South take 75/85 North to Exit 250 Tenth/Fourteenth St/Georgia Tech Exit. Stay straight onto Williams St and take the first left onto 10th Street. Turn right onto Tumlin St and the center will be on your right. 1015 Tumlin Street, Atlanta, Georgia 30318

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What Parents Are Saying

Our greatest advocates are also our closest friends.

Thank you for making Bright Club a fun place to spend the afternoon! I am looking forward to camp thanks to such great teachers!
Thank you for all of your great projects and help creating amazing things! Bright Club is so much fun because of your kindness and creativity! My sister and I are both so lucky to have had you as a teacher!
Thank you for all of the work you do to make our school such a great learning environment! We are all developing and growing because of your work and support of the teachers and the center!
Your energy and your passion for our teachers, our children, and our school are infectious! Thank you so much for the dedication you have, and for how well you run our school!
Thank you for all of your hard work to keep our school running so well! Your role is critical to making it feel like a community and having you as a stable and competent and friendly person in the front office is invaluable!
Thank you for being such a great teacher, and all you do for our school! My sister and I are so lucky to have had you as our PreK teacher!
Thank you for helping me grow and develop all year. I am ready for Kindergarten thanks to you!
Ms Maureen, Ms Rose
We are new to the older infant side but it is obvious that Ms. Maureen and Ms. Rose take their roles as teachers very seriously. During meal times, play times and the occassional quiet time; they are always so attentive and engaged with the children.
Ms Mohammed
Ms. Mohammed has helped our daughter with so many developmental milestones. Transitioning to the older infant side was much easier because of how supportive and integrated the entire staff is.
Our daughter has been at R. Kirk Landon Learning center for 7 months. 6 of those were with Ms. Komika and she has been kind, encouraging and nurturing. We have been overjoyed with the care and attention she displays with our daughter.
Dwanita - I am so thankful that you've gotten to be one of Emilia's teachers over the last 1+ year since she began at R. Kirk. Your energy and passion for what you do is unmistakable and it means so much to me as a parent to see how much Emilia loves interacting and learning with you. Thank you for what you do and for being a part of Emilia's life!
Courtney - Emilia has always thrived at R. Kirk but I can truly see what a difference being in your classroom has made for her. She is so happy every day when I pick her up and I am continually impressed at all she is learning. Your are amazing and such a joy to both kids and parents.
Ms. Maureen and the Infant Team
Thank you for providing our son with such great care. You have been an integral part of his first year and have taught us, as new parents, so much. Andrew loves coming to school and has been coached through so many developmental milestones. He's come a long way from his boppy days!
Ms Jennifer and Ms Deidre
Ms Jennifer and Ms Deidre have done an amazing job influencing the kids individually and helping them grow in the formative years, thank you!