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From Highway 30 take the University Blvd exit north. Continuing north, you will travel past Mortensen Pkwy, Reiman Gardens and Jack Trice Stadium on your left. Take a right onto SE 16th Street thenturn right into Entrance B of the Veterinary Medicine campus. The ISU Child Care Center @ Vet Med will be on your left.

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What Parents Are Saying

Our greatest advocates are also our closest friends.

Angie and the Preschool Team
THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I cannot thank you enough for all the love and support you show Cece on a daily basis. Your concern for her well-being, not to mention the kindness and patience you show her (despite her willful nature :)), means the world to us. Thank you for being like family to her. <3
Cory, Chris, and the Infant Team
THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!! I don't even know how to express my gratitude for all the love you have shown Penny over the last 18 months of her life. Every day that I dropped her off I felt like I was leaving her with family - to me that is immeasurable. Thank you for loving her and helping her grow.
Miss Kori, Miss Kelsey and Mr. Chris
We love seeing how much Rose is learning and growing while at school. She clearly enjoys being there, and we can't thank you enough for providing such a wonderful, loving place for us to leave our little girl every day. Thank you!
Miss Sarah
James loves coming to school (even on the days when he is slow coming into the classroom), and talks about the students and teachers even while at home. During the weekends he will often tell us "I'm going to tell Miss Sarah when I get to school!" when he does something exciting. Thank you!
Infant teachers
Thank you so much for being a positive, supportive, & caring presence in Sidney's life. You are all so patient and greet us every day with a smile, no matter what you are dealing with. Sidney has learned a lot during his time in the classroom, and we love seeing all the wonderful pictures & updates!
Ms Rachel
Since Ms. Rachel is in K prep Agustin has improved in his social skills and is much happier coming to school. We are glad that Ms. Rachel is his teacher again and we are thankful for all her help and support.
Thank you for always greeting Cora so warmly in the mornings-- you make drop off easier, and we can all feel your love! It makes it so much easier to leave Cora in the morning when I know we're leaving her with you. Your kindness, expertise, and love do not go unnoticed! Thanks for all you do.
Ms. Rachael + Staff
Our four-year old son has always had a difficult time with transition and trying new things. Since he has been in the K-prep classroom he has grown so much. His teachers have encouraged him to explore new foods, games, and curricula that have allowed him to build his love for school.
Melinda and all Toddler teachers
Lizzie had a great time in the Toddler Room! I know she can be a bit demanding (ie whenever she does not get her will), but she always loved going to her daycare. Miss Melinda and all the teachers in the Toddler Room have made our lives so much easier, thank you so much!
Bright Horizons babies and toddlers teachers at Iowa State University
The highlight of my day is the daily reports for August and Emelia Pieper. We live far away and miss so much that we feel closer to them seeing their daily joys, learning, play, and exploration. Thank you teachers and staff. Great Aunt Nancy Watson Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Rachel is a very proactive teacher. She was great with Davi during all his first year at the Pre K classroom. We are very glad in having her as Davi's teacher. Thank you Rachel for all the help, support and care with our little one.
Kori - Thank you for those small anecdotes you provide in the afternoon during pick up if you are in the front area before we get Emelia. We are so happy that all of the Infant teachers find her happiness to be infectious to you all as well. We cannot wait to see what she learns in the classroom as she grows.
Kelsey - Emelia and August love seeing you in the morning. You make it easy dropping Emelia off in the morning when she is all smiles for you or just cuddles right up to you if she fell asleep in her car seat on the way over. Your energy and happiness always sends me off a little lighter and happier too as I head off to work in the mornings. Keep up the smiles and energy. All of us Piepers love it.
Chris - Even though Emelia cannot tell us how her day was and how much fun she had, we know she enjoys spending time with you and you give her all of the cuddles she needs. We are always so pleased to hear the little stories of the silly things she does during the day and how happy she is. She always looks content when we pick her up in the afternoon after spending the day with you.
All Toddler teachers
I want to thank you all for being patient and sometimes as energetic as our August. He loves coming to school and it helps him stay grounded. He is so bright and clever that sometimes we cannot keep up with him at home. He has learned so much from the center and comes home saying and doing things we did not realize he knew. Lately, I have been enjoying reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar with him at night before bed. I was pleased to find, he knew the story too and can "read" along with me. We look forward to seeing all the new things he will continue to learn. Keep up the awesome work Toddler Team!
Megan - I know August enjoys coming into the classroom while you are there in the morning. It makes it easier on me dropping him off in the morning knowing he is happy (for the most part), especially with all of the transitions in the classroom.
All Toddler Teachers
Thank you to all the toddler teachers for investing so much time into Macie! She comes home with new knowledge all the time and is always so excited to come to school to see her teachers and friends. It is such a blessing to know that our daughter is safe and happy at school.
I can't stress enough how great the entire center has been, but Keera absolutely adores Mrs. Angie. The other day she was talking to me about her and I even caught her playing school and she was Mrs. Angie. Thank you so much for making my child feel safe, special and happy! It makes me so happy.
Ms. Sarah
Although you have now set the bar too high for yourself to pass (after sharing your snake with the class:)) I somehow think you will continue to find new ways challenge and care for for these kids:) We thank you so much for all you do each day!
Ms. Kelsey
You are an fantastic addition to the super infant room team! Your smile and positive nature is contagious and reflected in those babies. Thank you for everything you do each day:)
Mr. Chris
I'm certain that my child loves his family members. However, we may question just where we rank when you throw in Mr. Chris:) What more could a parent ask for! Thank you for the fun and love you bring and share with the kiddos each day. We'll work on stepping up our game at home:)
Ms. Kori
We feel beyond fortunate that each of our boys started their lives with you in the infant room:) You continually work to build their confidence, happiness and desire to learn. Your love for all of the kids is genuine and your dedication to your role is inspiring. Thank you for being amazing!!!
Ms. Angi
Your commitment to the growth and success of each child and their family is unmatched. So many of us parents wish we could package you up and take you along with us each night...or for the duration of their education!:) Thank you for your enthusiasm, knowledge, patience and guidance.
Thank you, Chris, for being able to have fun with Kori and I, and making the rough days easier to get through. Also, thank you for giving me reminders about work that could be done with lesson plans, conferences, and others that could help out the room!
Thank you, Kori, for accepting me back into the infant team this year. I can always count on you to answer any questions I may have. Whether it be about the room, the children, or the center. You always make me feel included in the team! Thank you!
All infant teachers
Thank you to all of you for taking such amazing care of Noah over the last year. He has just blossomed as he's turned from an infant to a toddler, and that's in large part due to your efforts. It's exciting that he's moving up to the toddler room, but also bittersweet for us. Thank you!
Rachel, Lacey and Danielle
I appreciate Zachary's teachers: Rachel, Lacey and Danielle SO much. They help Zachary to learn new skills, about making good choices, and help him to explore ways to express his creativity through art, physical activity and play. Mostly though, he has tons of fun at school and it SHOWS!