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Our Kindergarten Prep Program

Ensuring children are prepared to succeed in school and life.

Kindergarten Prep children are physically and cognitively able to take on more challenges while still engaging in important foundational learning like friendship building and developing a strong self-concept. Our READY for SCHOOL program helps your child reach his or her greatest potential in all areas including beginning reading and writing skills, math and science concepts, large and small muscle skills, and social and emotional development.

Our teachers stimulates each child’s innate curiosity and exploratory nature to prepare children for lifelong learning and the skills needed to succeed in school and life.

What Parents are Saying

Our greatest advocates are also our closest friends.

"Thank you so much for taking care of our baby boy. Bright Horizons welcomed him into their classroom with open arms, and ever since, he has flourished mentally and physically. He always smiles when he sees you at drop off and we can tell he is happy. It brings so much peace of mind knowing our son loves going to school."

Our Curriculum Components

The building blocks to balanced education.

  • Language Works Listening, speaking, pre-reading and reading, pre-writing and writing 
  • Math Counts Classification, time and spatial relations, number order and number problems, geometry and measurement.
  • Science Rocks Investigates properties, living things and the environment, forces of nature, motion and gravity, scientific inquiry skills, technology.
  • ArtSmart Visual art, music, dance and creative movement, dramatic art
  • Well Aware Nutrition, health and safety, motor and fitness.
  • Our World Identity development, emotional intelligence, critical thinking about the world, care of the environment.

Teacher Spotlight

Just a few of our gold stars of the day.

Name: Traci W.

I Teach: Kindergarten Prep

Teaching Since: 2012

I love teaching children because: I want to make the world a better place by improving education. Being in the classroom has been my dream for as long as I can remember. Now I am living my dream!

Favorite Children's Book: The Jolly Postman

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Learning at Home

Beach Ball Math

You Will Need:

An inflated beach ball, a permanent marker


Write a number on each colored section of the ball with a permanent marker. When your child catches the ball, have him identify the numeral closest to his body or that he touched with his hand as he caught the ball. Then, have him jump or clap that many times.


This activity is a fun way to combine physical activity and math. A slightly deflated ball may be easier for younger children to catch.

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