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Is there a sibling discount?

Yes, if a family has two children at the center, each child receives a 10% discount.  If a family has three or more children at the center, each receives a 15% discount.

How many children can the center accommodate?

The center has a capacity of 170 children at one time- 48 infants, 50 toddler, and 72 preschool students.

What happens if I need to withdraw my child? What if my family will be away from the center for an extended period of time- will my spot be saved?

A 30 day notice is required to terminate your affiliation with the center.  If a family is away for an extended period of time and would like to be guaranteed a slot when returning, they will be required to pay for the slot. Families will also have the option of providing 30 day notice prior to leaving and paying $25 to be placed on the wait list for future enrollment.

Why is Cornell using a for-profit child care provider?

Bright Horizons is an organization with a core mission of helping children and families. For those parents seeking additional resources beyond those that can be provided through Bright Horizons, the center will have resource listings of educational specialists, medical consultants, nutritionists, speech therapists, and other community professionals who are available to work with children, families, and staff.

Does the center offer back-up care for Cornell Employees?

The center offers limited back up care (10 days) on the days a family's regular child care is unavailable. It will be provided on a daily space available basis, for infants, toddlers, and pre-school age children.  Please call the center for instructions on how to register your child for back up care.  Care can be requested up to 30 days in advance.  As the center is currently at capacity please note that space is not guaranteed.

Are all staff trained in CPR and First Aid?

All Bright Horizons staff are trained regularly in CPR and required by the state. First Aid is taught as required by state licensing agency/regulations so that you can feel confident that your child is safe and receiving the best care possible at our center.

What is Bright Horizons' process on checking the background of their employees?

Bright Horizons conducts a comprehensive background check on all prospective employees and frequent visitors. The background check consists of a county criminal record check for the past seven years performed in all counties that a person has lived, worked or attended school. In addition to the county criminal search, a sex offender search, OFAC search and a social security verification trace are also conducted. For all location employees, program licensing background checks required by the state are also performed.

I'm interested in applying for a job at this center. Is there someone I can contact?

For job listings and to complete the application process, please visit the Bright Horizons Career Page.

What does the Bright Horizons Curriculum look like?

Bright Horizons curriculum, The World at Their Fingertips, is our unique curriculum designed to engage children in active learning that prepares them for school while helping them achieve their individual potential and fostering a spirit of community. It includes curriculum elements such as Language Works, Math Counts, Science Rocks, Art Smart, Our World and Well Aware that cross all age groups. Learn more about Bright Horizons Curriculum.

What is the enrollment and waitlist process?

Families are first required to submit a Pre-Enrollment Registration & Waitlist Policy Form.  Please click here to access the form. Families are added to the waitlist using the date their application is received and the date care is needed. Enrollment priority:

  1. Siblings of currently enrolled families
  2. Families currently enrolled part-time and waiting for a full-time opening
  3. New families based on date of application and age(s) of child (not university status)

Families are welcome to contact the Center periodically by phone or email to inquire about their child’s placement on the waiting list. We are unable to give a specific waitlist number and anticipated start date due to our priority system of serving siblings first, accommodating schedule changes, and the complexity of scheduling new families with multiple children.

We follow a strict application date/date care is needed system. Although it is our policy not to provide detailed information about waiting list placement given these issues, we are happy to share general updates to help you determine the likelihood of availability, as well as whether/when to seek alternative child care options to serve your immediate or longer term needs.

What are your hours of operation?

Our center is currently open Monday through Friday, 7:30am-6:00pm!

What is NAEYC accreditation?

The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) has developed standards to define and recognize quality child care programs. In order to be accredited, a child care program must meet a variety of strict criteria, including having a well-trained faculty, good staff-child ratios and group sizes, and a comprehensive curriculum, as well as meet stringent health and safety standards. The program must also provide meaningful opportunities for family involvement.

Who is able to use the Cornell child care center?

  • The Cornell Child Care Center serves the children of parents and legal guardians who are currently fully Cornell benefits eligible faculty, academic and nonacademic staff, and enrolled students. Due to compliance regulations with the funding used to operate the center, benefits eligible families and enrolled students are given priority on the wait list. 
  • Although visiting scholars/lecturers (that do not receive full university benefits), Postdoc Fellows, and Cornell affiliates that do not have university Cornell benefits (ie Boyce Thompson employees) may apply to the center, there is a different fee schedule associated with their enrollment and enrollment is only offered after benefits eligible employees and student needs are met.
  • If you are unsure of your benefits eligibility status, contact your local Human Resources representative or Work/Life in Human Resources.
  • If your benefits eligibility or student status change during your time on the wait list, you are expected to notify the center as soon as possible. You will no longer be eligible to enroll at the center unless you maintain a Cornell employee affiliation that does not offer full benefits, or you have enrolled as a Cornell student. The CCCC will confirm your eligibility with Human Resources prior to enrollment.
  • If your benefits eligibility or student status change during enrollment, you are required to inform the center within 7 days. Those that have ended employment with Cornell or completed their studies may continue enrollment for 30 days. Your child’s continued enrollment is not guaranteed and will be based on the waitlist of benefits eligible employees and Cornell students.

What is the tuition cost for the center? Is there a sliding fee scale?

Tuition rates vary by schedule and age group.  The rates for benefits-eligible and non- benefits eligible employees and students can be found here.  There is not a sliding fee scale, but the university's Child Care Grant Subsidy programs assists faculty, staff and students with covering the cost of the tuition based upon their family's income.

What are your hours of operation?

Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 7:30am-6:00pm!