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Director Debbie at Temple Sinai Nursery School

Meet Our Director

Debbie has been the Nursery School director at Temple Sinai since 2002. Debbie holds a B.A. in Psychology and Elementary Education from SUNY New Paltz and her M.A. in Special Education from Adelphi University. Debbie's love of children and education inspires her to help them begin their Jewish Journey!

An infant kissing another infant on the cheek

Infant Program

This full-time program offers a true partnership in the care of your baby ages 6 weeks - 12 months old. Judaic music and weekly visits to our sanctuary are included as part of the sensory rich experiences that support individualized needs of each baby.

Two young boys painting with watercolors

Toddler Program

This full-time program is especially designed for newly mobile explorer’s ages 12 months – 20 months. We nurture their innate curiosity by encouraging individual growth and independent choices. Shabbat and holiday celebrations are included each week.

Group of toddlers looking at a game screen

Twoodlers Program

This part-time program is for parents with their children who are not quite two by May 1, 2020. The children start out attending with their parents and work towards separation. We offer the children a variety of experiences including Shabbat on Thursdays.

Group of toddlers sitting at a table together

Twos Program

This program is for children that are two by December 1, 2019. Our program focuses on social skills and introducing developmentally appropriate language and math skills. A movement class, music, and Judaic learning are all included.

Group of preschoolers building with legos

Threes Program

This program is for children that are three by December 1, 2019. The curriculum consists of Judaic education; academic concepts, socialization, cooperative learning, self-help skills and independence.

Group of pre-kindergartners sitting arm-in-arm

Pre-Kindergarten Program

This program is for children that are four by December 1, 2019. Children prepare for Kindergarten in a developmentally sound approach while focusing on social skills, math, science, social studies, beginning reading concepts and Judaic studies.

Mom hugging and kissing her two kids

What Parents Say About Temple Sinai

"Temple Sinai Nursery School has been a warm and welcoming place for our children. After moving from NYC, we were thrilled to find such a fantastic program. George loves his teachers and friends!"

"We feel so grateful that our children spend their days with the most loving, supportive, and engaging teachers and staff at Temple Sinai Nursery School."
-Jara and Andrew


Upcoming Events for Families

Fun Day Celebration

September 8 | 10am-12pm

Join us for our annual Fun Day event and ribbon cutting for new Infant and Toddler classrooms.

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