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Welcome to Our Center

Welcome to our center! Every day, our goal is to nurture your child’s natural curiosity and imagination with enriching activities. Our World at Their Fingertips curriculum provides a unique environment for all ages and aims to develop your child’s creative and intellectual side through art, science, reading, and unstructured play. Our close partnership with Tel Hai retirement community allows us to create lasting relationships between the chlidren in our care and the residents of the Tel Hai community. The beautiful campus gives us the opportunity to explore nature hands-on through observing wildlife on the pond and walking through the community gardens!

Stop by for a tour and to meet our staff of dedicated teachers to learn more.

Rachel Cessna - Center Director

Center Welcome Photo
Center Welcome Photo
Center Welcome Photo

Enrichments & Extracurricular Activities

Art Studio

Extra inspiration through mediums, styles, experimentation, and introduction to the masters

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Everyday Math

Enhanced exploration of early math concepts introduced through engaging activities and songs

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Handwriting Without Tears

Tools and extra exercises to practice putting A,B,Cs into print (preschool and above)

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Movement Matters

Yoga, balance, dance, climbing and more to support physical expression, interests, and skills

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Garden Works

Science lessons through actual digging, planting, cultivating, and growing

Second Language

Games, art, and songs to introduce a new language, a new culture, and a new way to see the world

Sign Language

ASL-inspired signs for our youngest learners to communicate before verbal skills take off


Experimenting with tomorrow’s skills in activities that go beyond our regular curriculum


Meet Our Center Team

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Our Community

Our families come from nearby communities, including Honey Brook and Coatesville. Located on the Tel Hai Retirement Community campus, near the Horseshoe Pike, and just off of Beaver Dam Road, we're easy to get to for drop-off and pick-up.


Our Graduates

Children graduate Bright Horizons programs with the skills they need to succeed in private or public school. In surveys, kindergarten and first grade teachers report that Bright Horizons graduates are enthusiastic learners who are socially and academically ready for the years ahead.

Bright Horizons Graduates Attend
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Health & Safety

Your child’s health and safety are our top priority. Our centers have strict guidelines for cleanliness and security and we’re proud to be recognized as a health-and-wellness model for child care centers by the Partnership for a Healthier America.


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