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Landmark Directions for St. Mary Child Development Center - Take I95 to PA-332 W Yardley Newtown Road. -Continue on PA 332 W for approximately 3 miles. You will pass Shady Brook Farm on your left, followed by LaSalle College on your left. -Continue on PA 332 W and you will see the Newtown Athletic Club on your right. -Continue on PA 332 W and there is a shopping center on your left with a Giant Food Store and Einstein Bagel. -At the next traffic light after the Giant, make a left on PA 413 S-Newtown Pike. -Continue to follow PA 413 S past the George School on your right, followed by Newtown Friends School on your right. -The hospital is located at the next traffic light on your left.

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What Parents Are Saying

Our greatest advocates are also our closest friends.

Bumblebees teachers, Butterfly teachers, & Firefly teachers
Thank you to each and every staff member who work with our children, Alyssa & Kara. They look forward to coming to school every day and being with their teachers. We are beyond impressed with the curriculum in each class, and the creativity that goes into every activity. THANK YOU!! Xoxo
Thank you Brooke for your sweet and sunny disposition. I can always count on you to make me laugh. And of course, thank you immensely for loving Sofia! Love, Rachel Eastwood
Dear Elaine, Thank you so much for providing a home away from home for Sofia and our family. Your ability to promote a welcoming, "family" like atmosphere amongst your staff, teachers, children, and parents is a true gift. Thank you for all your care, support, and of course, your smile. We love being a part of the St. Mary Bright Horizon's family. Love, The Eastwood's
Claudia and Mary Eileen
Mrs. Claudia and Mrs. Wurtenburg Thank you so much for providing Sofia with a fabulous preschool experience. I am truly amazed at your ability to integrate creativity and fun with learning along with a loving and caring place to grow! Love, The Eastwood Family
We appreciate Miss Kelley and how she cares for everyone in the classroom. Along with her persistence to help each child and see what different solutions could work. Also a great partner for miss Danielle. They speak to the child so they understand and also to the class so there is awareness across the class.
Miss Danielle provides Kai with learning that really opens their interests. Just yesterday, Kai was talking to me about combustion and I did a double take. His vocabulary has increased a ton as well. I love how she has pushed for Kai's growth and helps get us the proper tools and methods. Elaine too
Diane, Michelle and Nicole
Thank you for taking such great care of Aimery and he is so happy with all of you. Thanks for keeping our baby smiling and laughing.
Hi Berni! We wish we had a drop of your patience. This quality allows your students to try new things without fear of failure. In addition, you are kind and caring and for these reasons the kids are so lucky to have you as their teacher. Thank you for taking such good care of Juliana!
Iris love all the baking and cooking experiments/adventures you too with her, She loves seeing you every morning and having you as her teacher, you have a instilled a love of learning from you and She has always loved being in such a loving and caring environement,
Kelly G. and Bernie
Well, it goes without saying that Michael and Matthew absolutely adore you both (and so do we). They light up whenever they see you, and we are extremely grateful for your presence in their lives. You are two very special ladies!
Elaine, Catherine, Brooke and Nicole
You should officially be called "The Dream Team"! We believe the great energy we felt the minute we walked through the door is because of the kindness and genuine love of children that clearly motivates and drives how you run your center. You've made such a difference in our lives - thank you!!
Danielle and Linda
We are so grateful for the love, care and education the boys are receiving, all while having lots of fun! You each put so much thought, creativity and heart into everything you do - it's a great feeling knowing that our boys are in such a wonderful, nurturing environment. M&M love you, and so do we!
Ms Higham
Iris has grown so much over the past year, She has become so much more independent and confident, and has really grown to love learning, She loves to tell me about all the interesting facts she has learned out, and how her comprehension of reading and subjects have greatly improved, All of which we attribute to your great love of teaching and of her, She will greatly miss being there, and having you has as a teacher, You have instilled a great love of learning in her which will server her greatly in the future.
Bernie and Jen
I love hearing of all the fun things that you all are doing, Vincent has some great stories of the adventrues, stories you've read, and things you all haev done during the day, He is truely excited to go to school every day, and you all have truely helped him grow into a little man who loves to learn and read and figure things out, while remaining loving and caring, I know he will greatly miss all of you and it will be very hard to find a center as wonderful and caring as you all are
Every morning Vince asks "where are we going?" and then gets excited when he hears it to school, He is always looking out for Re-Re's car, and can wait to go find her to have breakfast with, and share his morning with. He will truely miss the morning adventures and stories with his Re-Re.
Danielle and Linda
Katie seems to impress me every day with learning something new. It may be singing a song, our pledging which seemed like she was spilling the beans while proudly reciting to me… Just surprised a little early. She loves to share what she learns with us and Fiona. I appreciate all you do day in
BumbleBee Teachers and CDC Staff
Appreciate all you do every day. I don't think I could do it without you all! I appreciate all you do whiling caring for our Fiona. She has matured so much the last few months. We are so fortunate to have such a great center close to home and with the great space and park appreciate the time the
Debbie, Ashley & Michelle
Lydia just loves her teachers and enjoys going to school. You make every day special and keep us updated on our daughter's progress even when one of us is 6,000 miles away. Speaking of going above and beyond! Our family is so lucky to have such terrific people taking care of our daughter every day.
St. Mary Hospital CDC Staff
Here is to the entire staff at St. Mary's for the terrific work you do! It is every parent's dream to leave their child in the morning in a safe, loving and nurturing place. Our dream has been fulfilled at St. Mary's. All of this thanks to the leadership team--Elaine, Catherine, Brooke & Nicole.
Michelle, Diane, Nicole, and Nadiya
Mila was blessed with such a great group of teachers in Ladybugs. Ill never forget her first teachers and how loving they are. I just love all the things she learns and shows off at home- her camel impression is spot on. Thanks!!
Hi Jenn! Thank you so much for taking such good care of Juliana. She has blossomed since her time began with you. She loves school and we owe that to you. You are a wonderful teacher and person. Thank you for all you do!
Thank you for all that you do! We feel at ease knowing our kids are well taken care of thanks to your leadership!
Thank you for all that you do! We feel at ease knowing our kids are well taken care of thanks to your leadership!
Thank you for all that you do! We love being greeted by your smiling face each morning and feel at ease knowing our kids are well taken care of thanks to your leadership! We appreciate all you do!
Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher and caregiver! Morning drop offs are made easy when we see your smiling face in the Butterfly room each day. We appreciate all you do!
Thank you Ms. Elaine for running such a warm, welcoming, happy center for children. Owen and Ben love coming to school everyday to see their friends and teachers. It is very apparent that this environment is a direct product of wonderful leadership. Thank you for all you do, we greatly appreciate you!
We are so happy to have you as a teacher and caregiver for Owen. He loves coming to school each day to do fun and exciting activities with you. We appreciate all you do!
Thank you for being a wonderful teacher and caregiver for Owen. We appreciate all you do! Owen particular loves yoga with Ms. Berni - he is very excited to tell us all about it on the days you do yoga.
Thank you for all of the care and attention you have given the Hollenbach boys over the past few years! We appreciate all you do!
Thank you for being Ben's BFF and artwork muse (in our house Ben credits all his best work to you!) We appreciate all you do!
The Hollenbach boys love Shell! Thank you for all you have done for both Owen and Ben. We're so glad both boys have had you as a teacher and caregiver!
Danielle and Linda
Zoe is so, so happy in the grasshopper room. She doesn't want to leave! I have to drag her out of there. And she has learned so much. I appreciate your friendship and all that you do for Zoe, my little hoarding princess. Thank you so, so much! You guys are the best!
Kristen, Melissa, Katie and Lesett
Thank all of you so much for taking such great care of Olivia. It is not an easy decision to leave my baby everyday but I know that she is in good hands with you ladies. I enjoy seeing each of you everyday and I value your partnership in raising my girls. You make me want to have another baby!!
Debbie, Ashley and Michelle
I am so lucky to have you guys taking care of Chloe each day. I am 100% comfortable in the care that she receives in the Inchworm room. I am always so pleasantly surprised at all that she knows how to do - Letters, Numbers, etc. I know that she is getting ready to move on to a new adventure as she gets older, but she is prepared because of you three! Thank you so much!
Elaine, Catherine and Nicole
The staff brightens my day every single day! I love seeing you guys and I always feel 100% comfortable with discussing any issue. I am so thankful for you and for this center. My girls are so lucky to spend their day with such fantastic people! I Love You!!!
Catherine is full of energy and positivity every day we walk in the door. She is happy and cheerful, helpful and kind. She welcomes Bella, Ava and I and is willing to talk anytime. She is knowledgeable and the kind of person you want to be around. We are so grateful for her presence and for all she does for the Center. ;-)
We are so grateful for Elaine at the Children's Center. She has welcomed our entire family into the center, and she is so wonderful to talk with. She is loving, kind, happy, generous with her time and great with parents and children. She has been so genuine and gives so much attention to each person and child that walks in the door each morning. She has welcomed Ava like she goes to school there, and she is extremely understanding. We are so happy she is the center director. There can't be anyone better than her out there. ;-)
Katie is happy and sweet no matter what. Everyday I come in with Bella, she is welcoming and attentive to her needs. She is calm and looks on the bright side, even when I am stressed! She is attentive to Bella and very loving. We are super grateful for her. Thank you, Katie!
Kristen has always been happy and super kind to Bella, Ava and I when we come in each day. She is loving to Bella, and I can always count on seeing cute hairstyles in her hair at the end of the day! She was very attentive to her when she was sick with RSV, knowing something wasn't right. Thank you, Kristin!!
Lisette has been so genuine and kind since the moment we visited the duckling room. She is so happy to see Bella everyday, and she always is so attentive to her (and me) when she both sick and well. She is a great, loving teacher, and we feel so lucky to have her taking care of Bella. <3
Melissa has welcomed Isabella and our entire family into the Duckling room from the moment we met her. She has been kind, sweet, accommodating and loving to Bella every single day. She offers suggestions and listens to mine. Bella is thriving because of the care and attention she gives. <3
Kristen, Melissa, Katie and Lesett
You are so loving, caring and always have good tips for us as new parents. We love to hear you speaking about our little Lucas and we know, by the way you talk, how much you care. This means so much to us! We are so happy to have you in our lives!
Jen and Bernie
Dear Butterfly Teachers, Thank you so much for your snuggle handoffs on Caitlyn's sleepy mornings. You guys are the best! Love, The Shannons
Mrs. Wurtenberg and Mrs. Claudia
"Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire." Thank you Mrs. Wurtenberg and Mrs. Claudia from all you do for our little dragonflies. They are spreading their wings and getting ready to fly. We appreciate you! Much love, Jenny