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Center is in the Centre Square Building across the street from city hall and love park. The center is on the concourse level of the building.

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What Parents Are Saying

Our greatest advocates are also our closest friends.

Tiffany & Sondra
Thank you both for everything you do for Maya! Her transition to day care has not been easy but your patience and care has won her over and has put us at ease too :) You guys are amazing! Thank you so much! P.S. Your photo tag lines crack us up! Keep em coming :)
Kia and Javahna
Thank you, Miss Kia and Miss Javahna, for being such wonderful teachers to Juliet! You both have such great energy, bring so much fun and learning to the classroom, and are always warm and patient. Jules loves hanging out with you every day! We appreciate everything you do. -Hilary & Lou
Tiffany and Sondra
Tiffany, you have been such an incredible caretaker for Harry since he was 12 weeks old and we can't thank you enough. Sondra, your calm and loving demeanor adds such a nice dynamic to to classroom. You both do an amazing job every day and we know it can't be easy! Thank you!
Thank you so much Larissa for being a fun, calm, caring and thoughtful presence in our son's life! He lights up when he sees you, and it is evident that you've established a real bond with him and with all the other lucky children in your class. We feel safe and happy leaving him in your care!
Tiffany and Sondra
Thank you for being such wonderful teachers and taking care of Henri so well! At first we were so nervous to leave Henri but you made the daycare transition so easy for us and for him, he always has a great time at school! Tiffany and Sondra- you are both amazing!
Meghan and Terri
Thank you Meghan for being such a great teacher. You definitely made the daycare expierence a lot easier for us as new parents! Also, thanks to Terri for all you do with Meghan to help out Jason! You guys are the best!