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What Parents Are Saying

Our greatest advocates are also our closest friends.

Ms. Ayse
Thank you for being the wonderful care giver that you are and for always being there to give me approval to go home. You take very special care of me and we always have fun together bc you are not afraid to be silly with me.
Miss. Janice: Thank you for always taking such good care of me! You are a wonderful teacher! Love, Arianna Haczewski
Miss. Nesi: Thank you for always making me smile even when I am super grumpy! You make the best ponytails and I just love playing and learning with you! Love, Arianna Haczewski
Miss. Amber: Thank you for always being so warm and caring. You are a wonderful teacher, and we couldn't have done the first few months of Mommy being back at work without you! You always know how to make me smile! Love, Arianna "Birdy" Haczewski
Miss Ayse: Thank you for being the best teacher! Your kindness, helpfulness, and knowledge of all things baby has been very appreciated! You are truly a wonderful person and teacher and we cannot thank you enough for everything you do for Arianna and all of the babies at KCELC. - Haczewski Family
Scott Pritchard
Scott couldn't be more fun, loving, or creative with the time he spends with the children. He is a true blessing in our lives. We are so thankful for him!
Leanne and Theresa
Miss Leanne and Miss Theresa, we appreciate all you do for Charles. He is so happy at school. Thank you for your hard work and your kindness! The Rogers Family
Miss Sarah
Thank you so much for taking care of our Grace, she is a happy girl in your room! You guys do a great job!
Miss Sherri
Thank you so much for doing what you daily! Grace has a special place for you in her heart!
Miss Teresa
Thank you so much for loving and calming Connor every am. you guys have a tough job daily and we thank you!
Miss Leanne
Thank you for always being so calm and caring in a sometimes chaotic preschool, especially when Connor is having a hard time in the am. Thanks for everything!
Miss Kaitlyn
Miss Kaitlyn, Thank you for changing all my poopy diapers, for some reason I always go for you :-) Thank you for giving me hugs and holding me close when I come into the room. You are kind and sweet something special to me! <3 Cole
Miss Alycen
Miss Alycen, Although you aren't my teacher you still make an impact on me! You mkae all my yummy foods I love to eat! Thank you for taking care of my tummy which makes me smile from ear to ear. <3 Cole
Miss Erin
Miss Erin, Thank you so much for all the love you share! For always calling me hansome and showing you care! Thank you for finding me my special toy Thank you for always telling me I am the cutest boy! <3 Cole
Miss Amber
Dear Miss Amber, Although we haven't really met I can't wait for you to start back again! Arianna has told me how loving and caring you are and how much you will teach me! Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! <3 Cole
Miss Liz
Miss Liz, Thank you for always showering me in love and hugs! Thank you for always giving me breakfast as soon as I walk in the door (You know I love food!) Thank you for being there even when school is tough! <3 Cole
Miss Susan
Dear Miss Susan, Thank you for making my Day Care the best! I love seeing you in the hallways and your nice smile! Thank you for all the hard work you do for me and all the other kids! <3 Cole
Miss Debbie
Dear Miss Debbie, Welcome to my life I am so happy you are here! Thank you for loving and caring for me everyday I am in your care! I can't wait to learn more and have you teach me all that you know! Thank you <3 Cole
Miss Nessi
Dear Miss Nessi, You make me laugh & giggle, You make me smile & snuggle, You light up my day with kisses & hugs, You love me everyday and share in helping me learn and grow! So thank you for being the most wonderful caring and loving teacher, because of you my heart and brain grow! <3 Cole