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Stacey G., Daycare Center Director, Bright Horizons at Rhode Island Hospital, Providence, RI

Meet the Center Director

Stacey Giancioppo

M-F: 6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Enrollment Info: 877-624-4532
Phone: 401-868-4352

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Our Early Education Programs Offer More Than Daycare

Infant boy crawling and smiling


An exceptional place for your baby to thrive and grow

Toddler girl in a pink coat and two pigtails looking up and smiling


An engaging world where toddlers learn and explore

Preschool girl with short, brown, curly hair sitting at a table and smiling


Where curious children become inspired and ready for school

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Summer Program

A welcoming place for age-appropriate fun, friendships, and exploration


Meet Our Teaching Team

Jessica H., Daycare Teacher, Bright Horizons at Rhode Island Hospital, Providence, RI

Jessica H.

I love teaching because: they fill my day with laughter as I watch all of the silly things they do. I also enjoy seeing how they develop from an older infant to and older toddler ready to move on.

Teaching since: 2004

Shannon S., Daycare Teacher, Bright Horizons at Rhode Island Hospital, Providence, RI

Shannon S.

I love teaching because: I love to watch them learn, explore and figure things out for the first time on their own.

Teaching since: 2000

Brittany C., Daycare Teacher, Bright Horizons at Rhode Island Hospital, Providence, RI

Brittany C.

I love teaching because: The children can always put a smile on my face. It is great seeing the children develop and learn new things and being able to teach children new things.

Teaching since: 2013

A young child learns about a sun flower with a magnifying glass at daycare

Our Approach to Teaching & Learning

At Bright Horizons, our Discovery Driven Learning™ approach makes early learning an adventure. Find out how we nurture your child’s natural curiosity, focus on what interests them most, encourage learning through play, and help them get ready for kindergarten.


Bringing Our Curriculum to Life

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Our NAEYC Accreditation

Bright Horizons is committed to 100% NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) accreditation for all of our eligible child care centers and preschools.

Why NAEYC? Based on a multi-step process of continuous evaluation and improvement, NAEYC accreditation is the most comprehensive in the field, ensuring that our programs are informed by research and demonstrate high-quality standards.

NAEYC accreditation is our commitment to families. It is one way we provide the very best care and education for young children. Bright Horizons goes beyond what a traditional daycare would offer in order to establish a strong foundation for success in school and life.