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Marie Dettwiler

M-F: 7:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.
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Our Educational Programs

Infant boy crawling and smiling


An exceptional place for your baby to thrive and grow

Toddler girl in a pink coat and two pigtails looking up and smiling


An engaging world where toddlers learn and explore

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Where curious children become inspired and ready for school

Kindergarten boy wearing a plaid shirt and striped hat outside

Kindergarten Prep

Preparing children for success in kindergarten and beyond


Meet Our Teaching Team

Anitra S.

Kindergarten Prep

I love teaching because: I am helping to influence the life of someone. There is so much I get from being a preschool teacher; it is one of the most rewarding experiences. The foundations set early in life will be carried into adulthood. I love watching children grow.

Teaching since: 2003

Sarah Z.

Infant Classroom

I love teaching because: each day is full of surprises. I love to see the infants smiles and to hear their coo's and babbles.

Teaching since: 1994

Ellen E.

Preschool Classroom

I love teaching because: Children's creativity, desire to learn, and developing minds make teaching rewarding.

Teaching since: 1985


The World at Their Fingertips

Our own World at Their Fingertips® curriculum is based on the research of the most renowned education experts. Designed by our education team, it’s created to support these important early years, to inspire children to be bold explorers today and joyful, confident learners for life.

Language Works Book Icon
language works

Literacy, language, and love of books cultivated through listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Science Works Lab Icon
Science Rocks

Spurring a sense of wonder through observations and experiments in which we ask questions and form, record, and describe conclusions.

Art Smart Easel Icon
Art Smart

Fostering an interest and appreciation of art, music, theater and dance, while encouraging individual talents and artistic expression.

Math Counts Numbers Icon
Math Counts

Early math concepts experienced through counting, sorting, patterning, one-on-one correspondence, and problem solving.

Well Aware Healthy Icon
Well Aware

Healthy living developed through physical activity, good nutrition, and healthful habits incorporated into every day routines.

Towards a Better World Tree Icon
Towards a Better World

Experiences and activities designed to help children learn to respect our world, its diverse people, and the environment we live in.

Caring Matters Hearts Icon
Caring Matters

Support for important social skills including compromise, self-regulation, negotiating with peers, and forming positive relationships.

“Thank you for always being such a loving and calming influence on Brandon and with the other kids in the class! You are so caring and kind! We all love you!”


The Ruiz Family

“Thank you for always being so fun and easy-going! Both Bennett and Brandon love you and you are so supportive of the classes that you're in! You are an amazing teacher!”


The Ruiz Family

“Transitioning from the infant class to the toddler classroom is a big step and I was nervous how my little Olive would adjust to the new environment, but both of you have been angels and she loves interacting with you and everyone else there. Thank you so much for everything!”


Neville and Aparna

“Thank you for being so kind and caring! With all of the transition in Orca A you have handled it like a rock star and kept the class stable for the kids during this time. We appreciate all that you do!”


The Ruiz Family

“You make the day so fun for Brandon! Thank you for all of the energy and attention you put into caring for him and the other children! We all love you!”


Ruiz Family

healthy meals

Healthy Food for Growing Children

Healthy food is part of children’s development. Our menus align with our wellness commitment to Partnership for Healthier America. By eating family-style and serving themselves, children learn about making healthy choices and the connection between food and community.


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