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Ready to Become a Bright Horizons Parent?

Gina W., Daycare Center Director, Chico's FAS Early Education Center, Fort Myers, FL

Meet the Center Director

Gina Walseman

M-F: 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Enrollment Info: 855-827-0394
Phone: 573-609-8606


Our Early Education Programs Offer More Than Daycare

Infant boy crawling and smiling


An exceptional place for your baby to thrive and grow

Toddler girl in a pink coat and two pigtails looking up and smiling


An engaging world where toddlers learn and explore

Preschool girl with short, brown, curly hair sitting at a table and smiling


Where curious children become inspired and ready for school

Kindergarten boy wearing a plaid shirt and striped hat outside

Kindergarten Prep

Preparing children for success in kindergarten and beyond

School aged boy with a missing front tooth standing and smiling


Where children become engaged learners who take pride in academic achievement

Preschool girl holding a big beach ball outside

Summer Program

A welcoming place for age-appropriate fun, friendships, and exploration


Meet Our Teaching Team

Winter N., Daycare Teacher, Chico's FAS Early Education Center, Fort Myers, FL

Winter N.

I love teaching because: It goes beyond teaching. It is about building personal connections, laughing and giving children opportunities to build self-confidence.

Teaching since: 2013

Crystal M., Daycare Teacher, Chico's FAS Early Education Center, Fort Myers, FL

Crystal M.

I love teaching because: I love to see the enjoyment in the children's eyes when they learn something new.

Teaching since: 2013

Bella B., Daycare Teacher, Chico's FAS Early Education Center, Fort Myers, FL

Bella B.

I love teaching because: I am inspired by fellow teachers around the world, the children's imagination, and the skills they grow into or learn along the way.

Teaching since: 2021


Bringing Our Curriculum to Life

Scientific experiments for Kids | STEM activities|Safety goggles|Bright Horizons

Our NAEYC Accreditation

Bright Horizons is committed to 100% NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) accreditation for all of our eligible child care centers and preschools.

Why NAEYC? Based on a multi-step process of continuous evaluation and improvement, NAEYC accreditation is the most comprehensive in the field, ensuring that our programs are informed by research and demonstrate high-quality standards.

NAEYC accreditation is our commitment to families. It is one way we provide the very best care and education for young children. Bright Horizons goes beyond what a traditional daycare would offer in order to establish a strong foundation for success in school and life.