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About Our Staff

A Bright Horizons teacher is a nurturer as well as an educator, someone who encourages learning through exploration, and who understands the balance between what a child needs to feel safe and what she requires to reach her potential. Your child’s teacher is your partner. At Bright Horizons, families and teachers work together - celebrating successes, navigating challenges, and communicating daily about your child’s achievements and goals.

Meet Our Teachers

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  • Name: Miss Ayse, BS in Home Economics and Nutrition
  • I Teach: Infants
  • Teaching Since: 2008
  • I love teaching children because: I value playing a role in my students’ early educational development.
  • Favorite Children's Book: The “Llama Llama” series because the simple sentences make it easy for the children to follow and enjoy the stories.
  • Name: Miss Amber, pursuing BS in Middle School Mathematics and Science Education
  • I Teach: Infants
  • Teaching Since: 2009
  • I love teaching children because: it is an honor to not only influence students with academic coursework and studies, but to also help shape each student with the ability to share proper ethics and morals to create a stable and successful member of society.
  • Favorite Children's Book: The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein.
  • Name: Miss Sherri, Associates in Early Childhood
  • I Teach: Young Toddlers
  • Teaching Since: 1994
  • I love teaching children because: as a teacher I get the opportunity to make a significant difference in the world and everyday, just by touching the lives of my students.
  • Favorite Children's Book: “Leo the Late Bloomer" by Robert Kraus
  • Name: Miss Sarah, BA in Elementary and Special Education
  • I Teach: Older Toddlers
  • Teaching Since: 2015
  • I love teaching children because: I get to watch the children have fun and express themselves while they are learning. Watching children have fun while they learn is such an amazing opportunity for me as a teacher.
  • Favorite Children's Book: “Pete the Cat I Love My White Shoes”
  • Name: Mr. Ed, Master of Education in Reading and Curriculum and Instruction
  • I Teach: Preschool
  • Teaching Since: 2013
  • I love teaching children because: of the learning experiences I get to share with my students each day and the instant feedback from students about my own teaching performance, even when they don’t realize they’re doing it. Also, by watching students grow over the years, it truly is an amazing experience and profession.
  • Favorite Children's Book: The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle
  • Name: Miss Melissa, BA in Art Therapy / Concentration: Child Development
  • I Teach: Preschool
  • Teaching Since: 2012
  • I love teaching children because: it gives me and my students a place where we can grow together to be creative, resourceful and independent!
  • Favorite Children's Book: "Animalia" by Graeme Base
  • Name: Miss Coleen, BA in Elementary/Special Education
  • I Teach: Preschool
  • Teaching Since: 2015
  • I love teaching children because: I love learning. I love knowing that I am helping children to learn the things that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.
  • Favorite Children's Book: Madeline by Ludwig Bemelmans
  • Name: Miss Leanne, BA in Psychology with CDA Credential
  • I Teach: Preschool
  • Teaching Since: 2007
  • I love teaching children because: I love to see children growing throughout the years and fulfilling their potential.
  • Favorite Children's Book: Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day by Judith Viorst


  • Name: Susan McGrath, MA Education and Asessment

    Position: Director

    In Education Since: 1982

    I love working for Bright Horizons because:

    Favorite Children's Book: The Hungry Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carl

  • Name: Ashley Morrow, BA Elementary and Early Childhood Education

    Position: Assistant Director

    In Education Since: 2009

    I love working for Bright Horizons because: this company shares the same passion I do for early childhood education.

    Favorite Children's Book: "Oh the Places You'll Go" by Dr. Seuss